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BBC Viewers Concerned For Reporter Outside During Storm Arwen

BBC Viewers Concerned For Reporter Outside During Storm Arwen

BBC News reporter Lorna Gordon was in Stonehaven, where a rare red weather warning was in place

A BBC reporter showed some real commitment to her job by delivering a report on the weather in Scotland whilst standing outside getting battered by the elements. You can check out her brave broadcast in the video below.

Obviously, much of the UK has been thrashed by winds of up to 100 miles per hour, and there are currently a number of weather warnings in place up and down the country.

However, the most severe warning – a rare red warning – was put in place over the east of Scotland, where the reporter was positioned.

Lorna Gordon was sent up to Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire during the weather chaos and seemed to be having a fairly rough time of it once they cut to her.

BBC reporter Lorna Gordon was really struggling out there.
BBC News

Of course, the red weather warning means that people should not travel at all because of the real danger of loss of life.

Already, a headteacher from Northern Ireland and a man in Cumbria have been killed by falling trees during the storm.

Still, Lorna was struggling to deliver her report whilst standing outside and getting buffeted and battered by the wind.

She was even having difficulty being heard talking into her handheld microphone during the piece to camera.

Despite that, she kept on going and delivered her bit, presumably wondering why she could have reported on it from a nice warm studio, or from somewhere that was at least inside.

Still, she bravely soldiered on.
BBC News

Anyway, at least her efforts weren't in vain, and her struggle wasn’t missed by those who tuned in to watch.

One person said: "Absolutely top work from @bbclornag braving the winds of Storm Arwen in Stonehaven for BBC 6 o’clock news. #windswept"

Another wrote: "At least BBC reporter in Stonehaven gave me a giggle! Could hardly stand up in the rain & wind."

A third person simply commented: "I’m glad I’m not Lorna Gordon."

We can all definitely agree on that front.

Still, she managed to get through the whole thing, and hopefully managed to get inside after it all with a nice cup of tea.

Let's hope she at least got a pint afterwards.
BBC News

Perhaps something even stronger might have been in order after that, right?

As someone else said: "Lorna Gordon should be finding shelter in a cosy pub."

Stay safe out there folks, whilst the red weather warning for wind is no longer in place, this storm looks set to continue for a while longer yet.

Featured Image Credit: BBC News

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