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Campaign To Make 'Boris Johnson Is Still A F*****g C**t' Christmas Number One

Campaign To Make 'Boris Johnson Is Still A F*****g C**t' Christmas Number One

The Kunts are launching the single off the back of 'Boris Johnson Is A F*****g C**t', which they released last Christmas


The Kunts have launched a campaign to make their new single 'Boris Johnson Is Still A F*****g C**t' Christmas number one. Give it a listen here:

A year on, and the punk band's view of the Prime Minister evidently hasn't changed, with the band releasing 'Boris Johnson Is A F*****g C**t' last Christmas, which reached number five in the charts - despite being banned from the radio.

The track will be rereleased on 17 December to maximise its chances of reaching the top spot.

The band said the motive for releasing the song was because 'Boris Johnson is a f*****g c**t who still behaves as if no one has ever told him that'.

The band's website reads: "Since last Christmas Boris Johnson has led a government that has:

– Repeatedly turned a blind eye to their own corruption, lying, rule-breaking and bullying.

– Tried to sneak through a bill to stop ordinary people lawfully and peacefully protesting against them.

– Tried to pass a bill to give them less chance of being held accountable for their corruption."

The PM has come under fire over a Covid regulation-breaching Christmas party at Downing Street last year which he has repeatedly denied took place, despite mounting evidence which suggests the contrary, with critics arguing that his stance has undermined his credibility and compliance with restrictions.

Johnson’s former spokeswoman Allegra Stratton quit after footage emerged of her joking about a Christmas party at a mock press conference days after the alleged event, while Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has launched an investigation into what happened on December 18, 2020 in Downing Street.

There have also been a series of further allegations about parties involving senior Tories and officials during the lockdown.

Former minister David Davis questioned 'how are you going to prosecute people who don’t obey it given the four previous parties?'

He told ITV’s Peston: "I think the real issue is on the authority of the Government to enforce a, as it were, new lockdown because people look at this and say why should we? It’s them and us again."

Johnson announced yesterday (Wednesday 8 December) that the country would be reverting to its 'Plan B' amid rising Covid levels, meaning people will have to wear face masks in venues from tomorrow, work from home where possible from Monday and present Covid vaccination passes to enter nightclubs and large events.

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