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How One Text Message Can Make You Lose Your Licence

How One Text Message Can Make You Lose Your Licence

You really shouldn't be on your phone when you're driving - it's illegal. It's so dangerous that the AA has revealed you're more likely to crash when you're on your phone than if you're drunk.

That's right - drunk driving is actually safer than texting and driving!

And you wouldn't drive when you're drunk, would you?

To make sure that people comply with the rules, the government has upped the stakes. They've doubled the penalties! So if you're caught on your phone while driving, you'll be fined a whopping £200 and get six points on your licence!


Six points!

Usually it takes 12 points before your licence is revoked. But in the first two years of having a driving licence it only takes six. The law changed yesterday. Now if you're caught on your mobile phone in a car you get six points on your licence. So if you're a new driver and you're caught on your phone you lose your licence immediately.

And just that happened to a 19-year-old driver of a black Ford Focus. He didn't want to give his name, but he shared his thoughts.


Basically he's really not happy.

"I just feel p***ed off to be honest," he told The Sun. "All I was doing was trying to find a garage to change my tyre."

He said his parents were going to "kill him". Well, its probably better that your parents give you a row than you actually kill someone with your reckless driving, mate.

He was looking for a garage on Google maps to changed his tyre.


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Oh the irony. He clearly was totally unaware of the law change.

But he's not the only person who lost his licence today.

A woman in a red Suzuki was caught by Thames Valley Police. "It was my stupid fault," she said.

"I think the new rules are fair - it's going to stop people."


Paul Dancer was driving a VW pick-up truck and said: "I was aware of the new laws. I have a hands free but it was in my gear stick hand by my gear stick. I have just been told because it wasn't in a cradle I have now got six points. If it's in a cradle that's fine, that's what I don't understand.

"It's not that I feel hard done by but I'm on the road a lot for work and I think a lot of people have done it."

So lesson learned - if you're on your hands free then make sure the mobile phone is not next to your hand or lying next to the gear stick. It should be in a cradle or in a bag or away from you.


According to the BBC, 22 people were killed and 99 seriously injured in accidents where a driver was using their phone in 2015.

You can't use your phone when you're at the lights or stuck in traffic. Watching a video while it's in a cradle is also illegal - even if it's in a cradle.

You can use a phone to listen to music or a podcast but only if you're listening to it handsfree.

You can check your sat nav if it's in a hands-free holder, but if it's in your hand it's illegal. But if you're distracted by your sat nav and it affects your ability to drive you can still be prosecuted!

You can pull over to check your phone - but make sure that your engine is switched off.

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