Billie Eilish Says She Was Abused When She Was Younger


Billie Eilish Says She Was Abused When She Was Younger

Singer Billie Eilish has spoken about being abused when she was a minor.

The 19-year-old has featured on the cover of British Vogue and took part in a wide-ranging interview where she talked about her life and experiences.

She told the magazine she had been abused by someone when she was younger, but didn't want to give details other than to point out it 'wasn't a music industry figure'.


Eilish took part in the interview following the release of her new single Your Power, which she says is an 'open letter to people who take advantage - mostly men' and contains the lyrics: "You said she thought she was your age/How dare you?"

Speaking to Vogue, Eilish explained that when she was younger she didn't realise 'why age mattered' but since growing up she's realised how wrong she was.

She told the publication: "I used to not understand why age mattered. And, of course, you feel like that when you're young, because you're the oldest you've ever been. You feel like you're so mature and you know everything."

She went on to say: "People forget that you can grow up and realise s*** was f***** up when you were younger."


The Grammy-award winner said the lyrics to her song When I Was Older still resonate with her, before explaining: "I wanted to say that it doesn't matter who you are, what your life is, your situation, who you surround yourself with, how strong you are, how smart you are.

"You can always be taken advantage of. That's a big problem in the world of domestic abuse or statutory rape - girls that were very confident and strong-willed finding themselves in situations where they're like, 'Oh my god, I'm the victim here?'

"And it's so embarrassing and humiliating and demoralising to be in that position of thinking you know so much and then you realise, I'm being abused right now."


Elish has chosen not to reveal further details of her own abuse as she thinks it would go against the points she is making about how commonplace abuse is.

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