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Carol Vorderman Shouts 'You Don't Own Me' To Paparazzi

Carol Vorderman Shouts 'You Don't Own Me' To Paparazzi

She also shared a tearful clip in which she said she hopes no media outlet use the images the men captured

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Carol Vorderman has said she will be reporting two paparazzi to police after she saw them hanging around outside her home and has shared a clip of herself confronting one man telling him 'you don't own me'.

The former Countdown star shared a clip on social media showing two men with cameras attempting to get a snap of her as she left her home in Bristol to go to her job at Radio Wales.

In the clip, Carol can be heard saying: "This is what happens when you walk outside of your home - see, there's one there and there's one there. This is what I call harassment."

She then tells one of the men: "This is harassment. You're outside my home and I'd rather you didn't come outside my home."

To this the paparazzi fella tells Carol that they 'tried to do it in the studio' prompting her to snap back 'you don't own me!' He agrees before adding 'but you are a celebrity' to which a very p***ed off sounding Carol says: 'as if I didn't know'.

Sharing the clip, Carol wrote: "I came out of my house to go to my car first, saw them and said,'you're harassing me'. They were then after the 'cross Carol' pic.

"I went back inside to have a think and so I filmed them. There's one nice pap in Bristol who is respectful. Not these two. It frightened me tbh."

In a second clip, Carol breaks down in tears, while she explains: "I'm on my way to Cardiff to do my radio show and I have had to pull over. It has really upset me and I don't really get like that. I just hope nobody uses the photographs, that is all I am saying. Thank you for listening."

Alongside the clip she added: "I will report the two paparazzi to the police later. I don't expect they will be able to do anything (not their fault and they have bigger things to think about) but at least then it's logged. Meanwhile... chin up and thank you for your kind messages. They mean a lot."

She also posted a tweet urging various media outlets not to buy the images taken by the paparazzi today, adding: "If you do, then you are merely perpetuating their income and they will harass me more. Thank you."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Carol Voderman

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