Converse Advert Starring Millie Bobby Brown Gets Go-Ahead After Parent Complaints

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Converse Advert Starring Millie Bobby Brown Gets Go-Ahead After Parent Complaints

A Converse advert starring Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has been given the go-ahead, after receiving complaints from parents when it was spotted on YouTube in July.

The commercial sees the 14-year-old actor sat in the passenger seat of a moving car with her foot resting on the dashboard - something that prompted three complaints from people arguing it 'condoned unsafe behaviour', which could be copied by other youngsters.

But after being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) under rules governing children plus harm and offence, it was ruled that the advert did not breach any rules.

The ASA concluded no further action was required.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Bosses of the footwear brand said the commercial's message was clearly about trainers and not cars (or activities in cars, or car-related products...), and while it featured a 14-year-old, it was not directly targeted at children.

They also said that Brown has starred in a number of more grown-up dramas, and instead had a low profile among children - therefore arguing that the ad was unlikely to have 'particular resonance' for kids and, in turn, reducing the likelihood that children might copy her behaviour.


An ASA spokesman said: "We noted the ad depicted a teenager sitting in the front passenger seat of a moving car while telling her story to the driver, who was out of shot.

"We considered that was a common and recognisable setting that many viewers, including children, would be familiar with, and accordingly that it would be easy for them to emulate the scene depicted in the ad.

"We considered that Converse was a brand associated with youth culture, and that even for those who were not aware of her it was clear from her appearance and the context of her story that Millie Bobby Brown was a teenager and a celebrity.


"The theme of her story - challenging social norms - was something that we considered would appeal to people of all ages, and particularly to teenagers and young people.

"For those reasons we considered that while the ad was not targeted at children it was likely to resonate with teenagers as well as adults."

He added: "We understood that it could be dangerous for car passengers to place their feet on the dashboard of a moving vehicle, particularly as it could interfere with the proper operation of an air-bag in case of emergency.


"However, the angle of the shot drew attention to her face and the story she was telling, and we considered viewers would understand that her foot was raised in order to ensure the trainers featured prominently in the ad.

"The way she was sitting was not otherwise relevant to the product being advertised or the story being told, and we considered viewers were therefore likely to pay little attention to the way she was sitting.

"For that reason, we concluded the ad did not condone or encourage an unsafe practice."

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