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David Attenborough's Astonishing 95 Years Recapped In 95 Seconds

David Attenborough's Astonishing 95 Years Recapped In 95 Seconds

The national treasure has seen some incredible things while traveling the world down the decades

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

It's Sir David Attenborough's 95th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by watching all of his magnificent documentaries, back-to-back? But if you haven't got a spare 45,736 hours*, then here's a handy 95-second recap:

The broadcaster, environmentalist and national treasure is celebrating 95 years on this Earth, which he cares so deeply about.

Down the decades, he has navigated the globe creating landmark documentaries that have opened millions of eyes to the magnificent beauty of nature - and the grave threats it faces as a result of the rampant growth of humankind.

His achievements have earned him a raft of awards, including several BAFTAs, and he was knighted back in 1985.

What a life. What a man.

But rather than bore you with details of all the good stuff we all know he's done, how about I throw a few obscure Attenborough facts at you?

For example, did you know that he played a part in solving an 1879 murder**? Or that, despite being one of the most travelled people on the planet, he can't actually drive? Or that rats give him the heebie-jeebies?

Well, you can learn more about these little gems and pick up a few more Attenborough trivia bombs here.

Warm birthday wishes for the great man have been flooding in on social media:

Happy birthday, Sir Dave.

*This is a made up figure. You add 'em all up.

**He's not that old, it was historical evidence.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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