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Jennifer Lawrence Slammed For 'Mother Nature's Rage' Hurricane Comments Towards Trump

Jennifer Lawrence Slammed For 'Mother Nature's Rage' Hurricane Comments Towards Trump

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence faces a backlash after describing two recent Hurricanes that have battered southern America and the Caribbean as 'Mother Nature's rage'.

Speaking to Channel 4 about her latest movie - Mother! - the Oscar winner was also asked about Hurricane Harvey - which flooded, damaged and killed many in Houston, Texas - and Hurricane Irma - which has destroyed large islands in the Caribbean.

Trump has been vocal throughout his presidency about his opinions on climate change - even reversing on the Paris agreement which was designed to control the US's carbon emissions.


"It's scary," she said of Trump's regime. "This new language that is forming, I don't even recognise it.

"It's also scary to know that it's been proven through science that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it.

"The only voice that we really have is through voting. And we voted, and it was really startling.

"You're seeing these hurricanes now, and it's hard whilst promoting this movie not to feel Mother Nature's rage, wrath."


Credit: Channel 4

She described the actions of Donald Trump as 'polarising and upsetting' and that certain movements make her feel 'sick'.

She added: "I don't find him confusing, I think I know exactly what he does."

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Lawrence describes her latest film as an 'infinite howl of rage' - something she feels towards Trump's policies.

However, her words have caused a backlash on social media, with some calling for people to boycott Mother!

"Another mentally ill leftie! Hurricanes Irma, Harvey are nature's wrath for Trump victory, Jennifer Lawrence claims," wrote one user.



Hurricane Irma has killed at least 20 people so far, affecting an estimated 1.2 million people across the Caribbean - including Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island.

Hurricane Harvey similarly devastated the city of Houston, flooding many homes and prompted many celebrities to commit money to a relief fund.

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