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Mark Hamill Sends 'Star Wars' Fans Into Meltdown With Spoiler Joke

Mark Hamill Sends 'Star Wars' Fans Into Meltdown With Spoiler Joke

What with the new Star Wars film only a few months away, you can imagine that as promotion begins to roll, as will Mark Hamill's prevalence on social media.

Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the franchise, has never shied away from ruffling a few feathers by teasing potential spoilers on Twitter.


Most of the time it's all tongue-in-cheek comments that are being made, but when you've got a fan base as passionate as the Star Wars one, then it's expected that a few people will lose their shit.

The latest comes after someone Tweeted a picture of an old Marvel comic called The Last Jedi.

According to those who have read the Star Wars marvel comics from the 80s, it's almost as if they're totally unrelated to the films.

Movieweb describe them as: "The story follows Luke, Leia along with droids R2-D2 and C-3PO as they set off to a jungle planet, answering a distress call sent out by Prince Denid of Velmor.


"Denid and his lover Loren, along with their friend Jedidiah (seriously) crashed on the planet years ago. The crash claimed Loren's life. Now, Denid must return to his homeland of Velmor or his brother will take control of the planet. This is very bad, because the guy's brother is an Imperial sympathiser.

"Jedidiah is the brain damaged Jedi, but apparently he never finished his training."

Hamill quoted the tweet, begging people not to read the comic as it's filled with spoilers for the upcoming film of the same name.

You can't really blame a few fans and websites for getting a bit over excited and claiming that the story to The Last Jedi already exists inside the pages of a forgotten comic book. However, when you think about it, you'd feel a bit cheated if a director did that.

Some people alluded to this, with Hamill even tweeting: "If anyone thinks Rian used plot-points from an 80's comic book doesn't know @rianjohnson! ."

Be assured, there's a very small chance that you'll be able to find anything out about the storyline without actually watching the film.

So you're better off waiting until December 15, when we finally get to see The Last Jedi.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Disney

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