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'Gogglebox' Star George Gilbey Spared Jail After Trying To Strangle Ex

'Gogglebox' Star George Gilbey Spared Jail After Trying To Strangle Ex

The dad hit ex Gemma Conway with a baby gate and a lamp after downing wine and vodka

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Gogglebox star George Gilbey has been spared jail after trying to strangle his girlfriend in a drunken rage as she reportedly begged him not to kill her, according to the Mirror.

The 34-year-old threw a TV and a lamp at his ex-girlfriend, Gemma Conway, and grabbed her around the throat at her home in Twickenham, west London, as their daughter slept upstairs.

The injuries inflicted by Gilbey, who also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, caused Miss Conway to black out. She also hurt her eye socket, had bruising to her arms and legs and marks on her neck.

Gilbey was convicted of assaulting Miss Conway and causing criminal damage worth around £400 ($536) by magistrates last week.

But he walked free from Wimbledon Magistrates' Court with an 18 month rehabilitation order and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Gilbey, who appeared alongside his mum Linda and stepdad Pete on Channel 4's Gogglebox, was ordered to pay £1,105 ($1,481) in fines and costs.


According to The Sun, Gilbey's lawyer claimed the dad-of-one is too broke to pay for compensation despite his TV fame.

Acting on his behalf, Clea Topoloski, said: "In so far as compensation and costs are concerned, Mr Gilbey has means which are, to any simple mathematics, in deficit.

"His outgoings far outweigh his incomings."

Gilbey initially claimed that he was innocent but in a statement he expressed remorse for the relationship ending in criminal proceedings.

Miss Conway, the mother of their 23-month-old daughter, told the court that she was in so much pain during the attack that she thought she might die.


She said: "I was begging for my life saying, 'don't kill me, don't kill me'.''

She blacked out and when she came round she found that the flat had been wrecked.

She told the court: "Mr Gilbey had been at the pub earlier drinking and watching the Cheltenham races.

"I spoke to him when I was leaving work to say I was picking up my daughter and was with our mutual friend and heading home where another colleague joined us for a drink."


When she got to the flat she found Gilbey has been drinking heavily.

He admitted drinking five small glasses of wine, 'two or three' double vodka and lemonades and a shot of Jagermeister.

Ms Conway added: "I could see he was very drunk. His demeanour was glassy eyed, and swaying.

"He gets very sweary when he is drinking. He has a history of being drunk and obnoxious."

After the friends left Gilbey told her: "You're not my mum, you're dead."

Gilbey told the court: "The reason we broke up was because of Miss Conway's jealous rages, especially with my position in the media and how other women would approach him."

The court heard he punched Ms Conway 'around ten times' before hitting her with household objects and throwing them at her. He is then said to have strangled her with both hands and trashed her flat as she lay bleeding.

Miss Conway.

The court saw pictures of 'strangulation marks' on Ms Conway's neck and bruising on her arms.

Images of the chaos caused by Gilbey in the flat showed a blood stained grey sofa with furniture and other belongings strewn across the room.

Ms Conway said: "My arms were very swollen and lumpy. The bruising and marking didn't come out til a few days later. My arms went black.

"I was trapped on the corner of the sofa I couldn't move my legs, they were going up in the foetal position.

"He was just throwing things at me. At one point he had his hands around my threat. The whole time he was just calling me a f*****g b***h."

Beginning to sob, she told the court: "It panicked me as I could feel the strangulation.

"When the TV came on me I thought 'I'm in real trouble here'.

"I said to him 'please don't leave my baby without her mum'."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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