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The Box That Haunted Post Malone Is Being Opened On Halloween

The Box That Haunted Post Malone Is Being Opened On Halloween

Remember that creepy dybbuk box Post Malone touched?

After footage surfaced on TMZ of the rapper making contact with the haunted relic, people flooded social media to say they reckoned he was cursed.


Well, now Zak Bagans - the dude who he did it with - has said he's gonna open that box right up, just in time for Halloween.


Speaking to TMZ, Bagans explained that he's planning on opening the dybbuk box in his Haunted Museum on Wednesday night. He also said he'll be doing it live on his show, so we can all tune in to see the spooky drama unfurl.

However, before you grab the popcorn and get comfy, there's a catch. Apparently Bagans will only open it up if he doesn't feel the same supernatural vibe that he and Post Malone experienced a few months back.

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Post Malone Shares Photo Of His New Look On Instagram

Post Malone Shares Photo Of His New Look On Instagram

Sounds like someone's scared to me. But then I would be too, not gonna lie.

Maybe it might just be for the best if it doesn't get opened - after all, Post Malone's not exactly had the best luck lately, has he?

Just last month he was involved in a serious car crash, though thankfully he was uninjured.

His Rolls Royce apparently crashed into a Kia before smashing through a fence and coming to rest in some shrubs, according to Sgt. Andrew Meyers of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Soon after, he tweeted:

The month before, a plane he was flying on also had to make a pretty hairy emergency landing. A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration, Jim Peters, told Variety in a statement that a Gulfstream Aerospace GLF-4 aircraft blew two tyres as it took off from the runway at the Teterboro Airport at about 10.50am on Tuesday.

The plane had originally been heading to Luton airport, just outside of London. The pilot intended to reroute the plane to Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Massachussets, but Peters told Variety it had then been diverted to Stewart International Airport in New York.

Let's hope things start looking up, eh?


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