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Jim Carrey Painted An Unflattering Picture Of Donald Trump's Press Secretary

Jim Carrey Painted An Unflattering Picture Of Donald Trump's Press Secretary

Jim Carrey has done a fair amount in his career. He's starred in some classic comedy films such as Liar Liar, Dumb And Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask, as well as some less classic films like The Cable Guy.

You might not be aware, but he also works in other mediums and is a keen hobby painter.


His latest subject is a pretty controversial one.

The one, the only, US President Donald Trump.

He first attracted criticism for his painting of White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. While he didn't explicitly say that it was her, you can take a look at his work and draw your own conclusion.


Looking at the picture, it's pretty fair to say he doesn't think too much of her, or her boss, for that matter.

She is angry looking, red faced, and has an open, sneering mouth. Carrey posted the picture to his Twitter account, which has 18m followers, on Saturday night with the caption

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Over the past year, he has used his paintbrushes to speak out about how unhappy he is with the Donald Trump presidency.

He painted a picture of Trump kissing the backside of Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, and hes also taken aim at Republican party senator candidate Roy Moore (who was accused of sexual misconduct) as well as others within Trump's inner circle.

When President Trump recently gave his State of the Union address, he posted a picture of the USA's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, crying with the caption: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

However, this latest effort has rattled a few cages, as 35-year-old Huckabee Sanders' dad is Republican senator Mike Huckabee.

He tweeted his own response to Carrey's art shortly after it came out.

It read: "Pathetic BULLY, sexist, hater, bigot & "Christaphobe" @jimcarrey attacks @PressSec for her faith; what would be hypocritical Hollywood reaction if he called someone a "so-called Muslim" or "so-called Jew?" y"

When talking about his love of painting in the short documentary film 'I Needed Colour', Carrey said: "I think what makes someone an artist is they make models of their inner life,

"They make something come into physical being that is inspired by their emotions or their needs or what they feel the audience needs."

It's not all angry work, though, he also painted a portrait of Professor Stephen Hawking, who died last week.

He described Hawking as "greatest mental athlete of our time".

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