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Katie Price Shares Struggle To Get Into Bath With Two Broken Feet

Katie Price Shares Struggle To Get Into Bath With Two Broken Feet

Katie Price has shared an Instagram video showing how difficult it is for her to have a bath, following an accident where she broke both of her feet. Watch it here:

The former glamour model had a freak accident while away in Turkey which resulted in both of her feet and ankles being broken.

The 42-year-old stayed in Turkey for the rest of her holiday, and while she got her veneers fitted, before heading back to the UK.


When she returned, she underwent emergency surgery, with doctors explaining the seriousness of her condition. She was told she might not walk for up to six months while she waits for her injuries to heal.

In the video, which the mum-of-five posted on her Instagram story, she can be seen sitting in a wheelchair beside the bath in her Surrey mansion.

She wrote: "Got to use my upper body strength to get in the bath. Legs up, run the water and CANNOT get my cast wet. Such a mission to have a bath."

When the accident happened, at the end of July, Price was away with her kids Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, and boyfriend Carl Woods, 31.


She did not specify how she had injured herself, but said she would need to have both feet operated on to have pins inserted.

She also thanked Woods for taking care of her, saying he's been 'amazing'.

While she was away, she shared 'disturbing' images of her teeth, which had been filed down to have veneers fitted.

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​Katie Price Reveals She Has Broken Both Ankles And Feet In Holiday Accident

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She gave fans some insight into her recent appointment, having travelled to Turkey to get her teeth redone and filmed the process - before adding the footage to her YouTube channel.

The video is titled 'Getting My New Teeth Fitted!', and it starts with her explaining she needs new veneers.

Pointing to her feet and ankles, Price says it's gone 'from one thing to the next', adding: "Today, I am here to have my new teeth fitted.

"Look at these beauties! I'm so excited, they're so much better than my old ones."


Spitting out two of her teeth that she said had come loose at breakfast, the mum-of-five says with a laugh: "So this happened today, that's already out!"

She then goes on to have all of her current veneers removed so that the new ones can be inserted, but in between she reluctantly shows the camera the stumps underneath.

Trying to cover her face, she says: "Oh you can't film me, that's so bad! How awful is that?!"


Eventually, however, Price simply grins and bears it, telling her 222,000 subscribers: "No pain, no gain. If you wanna get your teeth done, you have to look like that."

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