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Dan Bilzerian Gets Roasted After Asking For Suggestions For His Autobiography Title

Dan Bilzerian Gets Roasted After Asking For Suggestions For His Autobiography Title

Dan Bilzerian, the self-described King of Instagram, has been writing a book about himself.

It's sure to be a pretty wild ride if you know anything about him. The Navy SEAL applicant-cum-professional poker player-cum-Hollywood actor has made a name for himself for not only scoring massive amounts of money gambling but also showing off his lavish lifestyle on social media.

His Instagram is regularly filled with multiple women, amazing boats, incredible parties and high-powered firearms.

But, when you have a life that outrageous, it's hard to find a title that perfectly encapsulates everything you've done. That's why the 39-year-old has asked his millions of followers what he should title his autobiography.


Posting a photo of him at a desk, seemingly puzzled by what brilliant caption to chuck on his book, Dan said: "Finished writing my autobiography, $5,000 to the best book title in the comments."

There were some people who offered up titles that try to rival Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal.

One person said: "Blondes, Bongs, Bets and Bullets: How to Pay the Bilz."


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Another added: "Dan Bilzerian: Navy SEAL to Playboy of the Century."


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But many people took the opportunity to rip into the poker player and actor for making his millions off the back of a trust fund his father set up for him as well as make not-so-sly digs at him always being surrounded by beautiful women.

One user commented with: "Love Your Kids So They Don't End Up Like Me: The Tale of Dan Bilzerian."


A second person wrote: "Dan Bilzerian: The Empty Shell Behind the Facade."

A third added: "How To Turn A Trust Fund Into The World's Longest Mid Life Crisis."

In amongst all the savagery, there was one that actually was hilarious and brilliant: "A Bilzerian Reasons Why."

Who knows if Dan actually needs help with the title or if he was just trying to drum up some buzz that he was going to release an autobiography. It'll be interesting to see if he goes into depth about everything that's happened in his life.

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