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Mia Khalifa Hands Over Rifle For Destruction And Donates To Gun Control Charity

Mia Khalifa Hands Over Rifle For Destruction And Donates To Gun Control Charity

Mia Khalifa has come in for some stick online after sharing a photo of herself handing over her gun to a cop for 'safe destruction'.

The former adult entertainment star posted the photo on her Twitter account, as well as a second tweet in which she said she was going to donate the cost of the gun - $1,500 (£1,100) - to Everytown, a charity which campaigns for gun safety in the US.

However, not everyone was impressed with her gesture, with one Twitter user writing: "That's so weird. I was just talking about really ignorant people and this popped up in my feed. Coincidences are funny on Twitter."


Another asked: "So, now what are you going to do if you ever attacked? See that nice policeman standing pretty for the camera? Takes him on average seven minutes to get to you......not a smart choice."

A third said: "So, you're now defenceless. Why tell everyone?"

Meanwhile, others called her an attention seeker.

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Of course, she's no stranger to getting abuse from keyboard warriors on social media, but it probably pales into comparison when you remember that she's been threatened by ISIS in the past.

Speaking on The Forward Podcast, Mia admitted that getting into porn had been a 'huge mistake' and that threats are what led to her quitting. She says she was sent a number of images of mocked-up images of her being beheaded.

"It all started to spiral out of control when the death threats from ISIS started coming in," she said. "That's when I stepped away.


"As soon as I started to gain popularity that's when I was like, 'Get the fuck out of this. This was not what I was trying to do whatsoever.' I just wanted to let loose and rebel a little bit.

"It didn't validate me. Nothing like that ever does. That's not what you should be doing to try and build your self-esteem."

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