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Chilling Confession Caught On Camera By Teen Killers Who Claimed To Be Inspired By Scream

Chilling Confession Caught On Camera By Teen Killers Who Claimed To Be Inspired By Scream

The teens brutally killed their 16-year-old classmate

Chilling footage caught the moment two high school students confessed to killing their classmate by stabbing her to death. You can hear the footage here: 

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper carried out the brutal attack on Cassie Jo Stoddart in September 2006 when they were aged just 16. 

Cassie had invited the boys and her boyfriend Matt Beckham to hang out at her aunt and uncle’s house as she was house sitting. 

After spending the evening together, Adamcik and Draper left but, unbeknown to Cassie, had unlocked the basement door beforehand meaning they could return later that night. 

They two teens then changed into dark clothes, gloves and white masks before creeping back into the property through the unlocked basement door. 

Once inside they started to make loud noises in an attempt to scare Cassie and Matt - they also turned the light off at the house, hoping it would lure the couple down into the basement, but when that didn’t work, they put some of the lights back on. 

Brian Draper.
Police handout

As Cassie was feeling creeped out by the goings on, Matt called his mum and asked if he could spend the night at the house, she refused but told him Cassie could come and stay over at their house rather than be alone.

However, Cassie declined the offer as she felt she had a duty to mind the house and look after her aunt and uncle’s pets. 

Matt’s mum picked him up, which Adamcik and Draper heard. 

Once he left, they decided to put the lights out again, in another attempt to get Cassie to come downstairs, but she didn’t. 

They eventually crept upstairs armed with two knives and slammed a cupboard door at the top of the stairs to frighten Cassie who was in the living room. 

The boys then launched a brutal attack on Cassie, stabbing her around 30 times, before fleeing the scene. 

Disturbing footage filmed after the killing showed Draper confessing: “I just killed Cassie. We’ve just left her house. This is not a f***ing joke.”

Torey Adamcik.
Police handout

He later says: “I stabbed her in the throat and I saw her lifeless body just… disappear. 

“Dude, I just killed Cassie.”

While Adamcik can be heard saying: “I’m shaking.”

The boys were arrested and charged with first degree murder six days later. In police interviews, both the teens blamed the other for the killing, with Draper denying he had stabbed her and Adamcik admitting to stabbing Cassie but insisting he was acting under orders from his friend. 

At trial, the court heard Adamcik had said they had been inspired to carry out the murder after watching the movie Scream.

Both teens were found guilty of murder and received a mandatory life sentence without the possibility for parole. They were given an additional 30 years-to-life for being convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

Featured Image Credit: Police handout

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