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Police LAD Runs With Live Bomb To Save 400 Children

Police LAD Runs With Live Bomb To Save 400 Children


Michael Minay

Michael Minay

A policeman has been heavily praised for his selfless act in saving the lives of 400 school children, after running away with a live bomb to protect them.

Head constable Abhishek Patel picked up the 20lb bomb and ran with it on his shoulder before throwing it down a drain.

Credit: Caters

Video footage shows the uniformed copper running through a field in Chitora, a village in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The policeman said: "Nearly 400 students were present on the campus when the bomb was found. Anything could have happened.

"I wanted to take the bomb away from the school and the residential area in order to reduce the danger of collateral damage if the bomb exploded.

"Had the bomb gone off it would have caused damage in a 500-meter area. I was afraid the bomb may explode so I took it away from the populated area."

Patel added that this was the first time he has ever found a bomb, and he was more than aware of the risks it could have presented to his own safety.

"It was a risky job and could have taken my life as well," he said.

"I did it to save the lives of hundreds of children who were present in the school. They are our future."

Credit: Caters

Credit: Caters

The police reached the scene soon after the call was made and investigations are now ongoing to find out who planted the bomb.

The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, awarded Patel a sum to the value of £607 ($784) in recognition of his bravery and actions.

His actions can be described as similar to those of Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi who apparently took his own life to save others, by hugging a suicide bomber.

The LAD noticed a man walking towards a shrine in Balad, Iraq, wearing a suicide belt last year. Al-Baldawi wrapped himself around the man who detonated the bomb.

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