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Korean Football Team Apologises For Accidentally Using Sex Doll Mannequins To Fill Stadium

Korean Football Team Apologises For Accidentally Using Sex Doll Mannequins To Fill Stadium

Fans certainly noticed something different about the 'fans' in the stadium.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Sporting teams around the world have been slowly getting back to normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Some have been able to return to training, whereas others have been thrown straight back into playing matches, albeit in empty stadiums.

One Korean football team got creative in their attempt to recreate that feeling of playing in front of screaming fans.

K-League side FC Seoul chucked in a bunch of 'mannequins' in seats across the stadium, gave them club t-shirts and some were even sporting celebratory signs.

However, eagle-eyed fans watching the match against Gwangju FC noticed that a lot of the 'mannequins' had certain body features that wouldn't normally be seen in your average storefront. People noted that some of the dolls had very large breasts and nipples, leading many to question whether FC Seoul had used sex dolls.

One person wrote: "Wow. It makes no sense that they didn't know what they were doing. Look at the pictures. Anyone can tell, LMAO."

Another said: "This is disgusting. Shows how educated FC Seoul is as a team."

After an investigation, the football club says they definitely aren't sex dolls per se but acknowledged they shouldn't have been used.

"We would like to apologise to the fans," FC Seoul said in a statement on Instagram. "We are deeply sorry about the mannequins that were seated during the May 17, 2020 match.

"However, we would like to clarify that while these mannequins have been made to look and feel like real humans, they are not for sexual use - as confirmed by the manufacturer.

"We had them supplied by a company named Dalcom, which claimed they are clothing mannequins. We double, triple checked that they are not for sexual use.

"Prior to supplying them to us, Dalcom had these mannequins returned from its streamer management label. In this process, they had been given names of the streamers. That is the only reason there is an association with the streamers. We failed to check up on this part and that is indeed our fault. We apologise."

So they aren't specifically used for sex, but they certainly aren't normal mannequins.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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