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Teen Caught Driving On Wheel Rim Told Police He Didn’t Know How To Change Tire

Teen Caught Driving On Wheel Rim Told Police He Didn’t Know How To Change Tire

Changing a tyre is one of those life lessons that just seems to slip through the cracks for people. However, this can have serious ramifications when those people find yourself with a flat.

Rather than call for help or advice, one teenager thought it would be better to just risk it and see what happened.

Victoria Police came across a stationary Nissan Pulsar blocking a lane on Yarra Road about 3am on Tuesday morning (14 July).


When they discovered what was causing the car to be stationary, they were understandably shocked.

Victoria Police have issued a statement, saying: "The 19-year-old driver stated the tyre had got a puncture and he continued to drive until he couldn't go any further as he, nor his passenger, didn't know how to change a tyre.

"Officers breath tested the Eltham man who returned a reading of 0.162.

"His licence was licence immediately suspended for 12 months and he is expected to be charged on summons with drink driving offences."


That will certainly allow the 19-year-old enough time to research the proper way of changing a tyre. Hint: driving on the punctured wheel until it shreds all over the road, leaving your wheel rim exposed to the road, is not the answer.

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The statement continued: "The driver and his passenger, a 22-year-old Ringwood man, both stated it was not their fault that they did not know to change a tyre and blamed society for not teaching them.


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"Both men were issued fines for breaching Covid-19 restrictions at a cost of $1,652 each."

It seems like this sort of thing isn't an anomaly.


Coppers in Rotherham, UK, pulled up a driver last year after they discovered he was driving along with only three tyres.

Upon pulling the car over, police discovered that the driver of the Peugeot was also 'incredibly drunk'.

They wrote on Twitter: "Specials from Rotherham found this Peugeot tonight and arrested its driver for an expired license, no insurance, leaving an RTC, not showing up to court (x2) and last but by no means least, for driving whilst so incredibly drunk he failed to realise he was missing a tyre."


That's one hell of a fine list.

On the South Yorkshire Police website, the force have advised people to refrain from drinking altogether before getting behind the wheel and have reminded people they could still be over the limit the morning after a big night.

Featured Image Credit: Victoria Police

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