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'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Worries About His Daughter's First Word

'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Worries About His Daughter's First Word

Ten years since 'Breaking Bad' hit our screens, Aaron raises his concerns about the legacy of Jesse Pinkman's famous catchphrase

Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh

As Bart 'I didn't do it' Simpson will tell you, a little ol' catchphrase can be a dangerous thing. They can make a career as quickly as they can become tiresome - and in some cases they can come back to haunt you in the most unexpected ways. Just ask Aaron Paul.

The co-star of TV's astonishingly successful Breaking Bad, his character Jesse Pinkman became synonymous with the word 'bitch'. In fact, so often did it seem to fall out of his mouth that it became a running theme throughout the show's five seasons - and now Aaron's worried that it might even become his daughter's first word.

Last week (18 July) to commemorate ten years since its release, Aaron appeared on the Conan show alongside other cast and crew members of Breaking Bad.

Addressing Aaron directly, host Conan O'Brien said: "How do you feel about the fact that you might be walking around with your child, two, three years from now, and people are going to go 'yo bitch' at you, call you a bitch in front of your daughter - how are you preparing for this?"

"I mean, I'm just afraid that it may be her first word," replied Aaron.

"She's going to hear it so much, she'll be used to it. I'm just going to have to sit her down and explain it to her - show her the show, you know... It's alright."


Aaron's five-month-old daughter Story Annabelle recently appeared alongside her dad at the San Diego Comic-Con, dressed as a mini Heisenberg snapped in a little yellow onesie with matching goggles, so it sounds like preparation for her viewing of the full series is already underway.

Earlier in the show, Conan had commented: "I'm hoping the 'yo bitch' is finally tapering off a little bit..."

"Not really, no," replied Aaron. "I get called a bitch every day. I mean it used to be SO many times a day, now it's like three to five times."

"...And that's just from his wife," deadpanned co-star Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in the award winning series.

Instagram/Aaron Paul

For a glorious five seasons, the world was caught up in the show's ever-changing storylines depicting the trials and tribulations of Walter White and his juvenile parter Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron - who became notorious for his character's frequent use of the b-bomb.

So how many times did Jesse did he say it across the show's 62 episodes? Well ok, it was apparently a mere 54 times. But still - the catchphrase stuck.

Even now the words continue to haunt him, ten years after after he first left that 'waddup, BIATCH' message on Walt's answering machine (much to the horror of Walt's poor wife Skyler).

Featured Image Credit: TBS / Conan

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