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Find Out Which James Bond Killed, Drank And Womanised The Most

Find Out Which James Bond Killed, Drank And Womanised The Most

An analysis of all 24 of the James Bond films has come up with some very interesting findings

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Bond, James Bond, is known for many things, namely killing bad guys, drinking vodka martinis and sleeping with glamorous women. But which manifestation of Bond was most prolific?

Well, you're about to find out, thanks to an interactive guide produced by Betway Casino. By analysing all of the data across the 24 films, Bond In Numbers offers all of the figures to answer your burning 007 questions.

There have been six Bonds in total, which you are now going to list off in your head with ease... Got them all? Sure you did, but just in case you didn't, they are as follows: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.


Connery is the longest serving Bond, having spent 4,348 days in the role. However, Craig will have surpassed the original Bond's record by the time the 25th film in the franchise is complete.

But there's no point in being Bond if you don't kill a load of baddies, so who killed the most? Well unsurprisingly, Lazenby killed the least, registering a humble five kills in his one Bond film. Way out in the lead is Brosnan, who killed 135 baddies across his four appearances, while Moore takes silver with 90 kills. That said, Moore also takes the title for most peaceful Bond film, only killing one person in The Man With The Golden Gun, which was released in 1974.

Indeed, Moore's Bond had less time for killing what with all his philandering, clocking up 17 dalliances over his seven films. Yet, as an average, this is bettered by Lazenby, who had three 'romantic liaisons' in On Her Majesty's Secret Service - which perhaps explains why he got around to so little killing. Together the Bond boys made time for 58 raunchy encounters when they were supposed to be saving the world.


They also did a fair bit of drinking, with Craig's incarnation the booziest of the Bonds. In consuming 85 units of alcohol in his four films, Craig's Bond has drank the largest quantity of alcohol and has the highest average. In Casino Royale, he drinks 26 units of alcohol, more than in any other Bond film - no wonder he lost at poker.

And for those of you banging your desk crying, 'I don't care about the killing or the women or the booze, tell me about the cars,' check this out - Bond has driven a total of 46 vehicles, almost two a film. Now that is thrilling.


Whatever it is about the Bond films that you enjoy, the fact is, people absolutely do enjoy them. In total, when adjusted to account for inflation, the Bond films have grossed $16,315,134,284 (£12,422,261,668).

As for the actors, they have received very different amounts of cream from the cash cow. Craig has been offered $25 million for his role in the 25th film, compared to the $17,000 (£12,940) Connery was paid in 1962 for the first Bond film, Dr No.

Hopefully Connery invested it in bonds, premium bonds.

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