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Netflix Is Planning An Episode Of 'Black Mirror' Where You Choose What Happens As You Watch

Netflix Is Planning An Episode Of 'Black Mirror' Where You Choose What Happens As You Watch

You could be able to dictate where the story heads and it could come as soon as the next series

Technology is a wonderful thing, right? And Netflix especially. Who needs fresh air when you've got every episode of Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men at your fingertips?

But just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it just might. If insiders at Netflix are to be believed, there could be another reason to spend yet another weekend on the sofa in your pyjamas staring at the TV screen. As if you needed one.

According to reports in Bloomberg audiences will soon be able to choose the storyline of their favourite series or film, including one episode of the upcoming series of Black Mirror. And 'soon' could even mean Christmas - which as we know is only 12 weeks away (you're welcome) - with the news outlet reporting that the new series is expected out in December.

It's not the first time the feature has been offered. In June a host of children's shows, including Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile also offered interactive story telling, but this is the first time is has moved into the adult market.

And it's eerily ironic that the Emmy Award-winning show, now going into its fifth series, has been picked as the first hit show to debut the feature in a live-action series.

With the show famous for analysing the intricacies of human interaction with technology, the idea of being able to determine your own narrative has surely always been an episode waiting to happen.


Thank Christ they didn't offer this in the first series - I'm not sure I would have been able to live with myself if my choice of storyline led to a character having to fuck a pig. Imagine. What would it say about you?

According to reports in Bloomberg however, bosses at Netflix don't seem to have any concerns, as company insiders have also confirmed plans for more shows to become audience-led experiences, with a deal for one other project signed and third currently being negotiated.

Netflix isn't alone in trialing the technology - last year Ocean's Eleven director Steven Soderbergh launched Mosaic as an app for iOS and Apple TV, that allowed viewers to decide the viewing order of a murder mystery series - also called Mosaic - starring Sharon Stone.


Well I can't wait to see what morally questionable choices Charlie Brooker et al are going to force me to make. Let the countdown begin.

The advent of global streaming service Netflix has been a double-edged sword.

On one hand it allows you to watch almost anything you want, whenever you want, from eclectic foreign language cinema to cutting edge documentaries. The choice is yours.

On the other it has turned what were previously outgoing members of society into hermit-like recluses, binge-watching episodes of Friends that they had already watched 12 times, a decade ago. Each to their own, eh?

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