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Channel 4 Criticised For McDonald's Advert During 'Great British Bake Off' Vegan Special

Channel 4 Criticised For McDonald's Advert During 'Great British Bake Off' Vegan Special

Angry viewers took to social media to criticise the channel for 'insensitivity' during this year's vegan special

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

So, this week on The Great British Bake Off it was time for the vegan special.

Eggs, butter, milk, and honey were off the menu during Tuesday's episode, as contestants attempted to make entirely vegan creations. (Meat was out too, obviously, but unless someone's planning to make Rachel from Friends' beef trifle, this doesn't tend to be much of an issue on Bake Off).

Some viewers weren't happy though. I'm not one to throw around stereotypes, but if I've learned one thing in life it's that you should know better than to piss off a vegan, and piss them off Channel 4 did, as as mid way through the show a McDonald's advert was aired which showed meat and chicken.

And as sure as eggs is eggs, the militant wing of the vegan community kicked off a social media frenzy, slamming Channel 4 for allowing the advert to be shown.



Another person seemed to think they'd found a possible way out of this quandary for McDonald's, although of course it was too late by this stage: "Wasn't too sure about @McDonalds advertising their Chicken Periods and Cow Flesh life cycle and @Iceland showing off their poor Salmon on #VeganWeek.

"Surely McDonalds could have just advertised their hash browns, and Iceland could have showed off their growing vegan range! #GBBO"

Meanwhile, others took the opposite view - although whether this was out of love for Maccies or simply to piss off vegans, we're not sure. One person simply tweeted: "Great @McDonalds advert during the vegan #GBBO ad break, well done."

Others thought the whole thing was ridiculous, with one post reading: "In the same breath some #vegans are moaning about people not liking #veganweek as it is quite rightly their choice, but then complaining about there being a McDonalds advert! #VeganWeek #gbbo #Snowflakes!"

Meanwhile another person offered their thoughts, joking: "Oh the delicious irony. @McDonalds with a lovely advert promoting UK agriculture during vegan week on #GBBO.

"Especially enjoyed seeing the eggs & chickens. Not to mention that gorgeous cut of beef.

"Vegan massive won't have enjoyed that."

Channel 4 and McDonalds have been contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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