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A Manchester Chippy Has Just Released A Mouth-Watering Deep-Fried Christmas Dinner Menu

A Manchester Chippy Has Just Released A Mouth-Watering Deep-Fried Christmas Dinner Menu

Deep-Fried Christmas Puddings, Battered Brussel Sprouts and a huge 'Pig in a Duvet' are among the treats on offer at this Manchester chippy

Tom Sanders

Tom Sanders

A Manchester-based chip shop has just released its own festive take on the traditional chippy tea. This deep-fried version of the classic Christmas dinner is certainly one of the more out-there interpretations of Yuletide grub.

The Chippy, located on Burton Rd in the trendy Mancunian suburb of Didsbury, is already well-known in the area for its famous black pudding fritters and homemade fish cakes. But this winter they're upping their game with a full three-course meal chock full of deep-fried festive treats.

A giant deep-fried pigs in duvet.
The Chippy, Burton Rd

From Tuesday 10 December until Sunday 5 January 2020, punters can treat themselves to a Northern spin on classic Christmas favourites, including 'Turkey and Stuffing Fritters', 'Brie & Cranberry Parcels' and a giant 'Pig in a Duvet' (a deep-fried pig in blanket).

Also on offer are battered stuffing balls and deep-fried sprouts, as well as a deep-fried Christmas pudding for the more adventurous diner.

Those with a larger appetite will be tempted by the restaurant's 'Blow Out Christmas Platter', which will include turkey fritters, deep-fried sprouts, pigs in duvets, deep-fried brie and battered stuffing, served with lashings of chips and gravy.

Anyone fancy a deep-fried Christmas dinner?
The Chippy, Burton Rd

Liz Bookbinder, co-owner of The Chippy, said: "A Chippy Tea is a great treat for every week of the year, but we decided to put a festive twist on it this Christmas, to offer something different to Manchester's diners.

"We had a lot of fun coming up with the recipes and testing them - we're especially pleased with our epic 'Pig in a Duvet' innovation. We think it's a really cheerful take on Christmas dinner and we hope customers enjoy indulging in our deep-fried Christmas Dinner classics."

Liz added: "Of course we'll still be offering up our regular fish, pies and meat-free options throughout December too for those who are sick of Christmas already!"

Brie and cranberry parcels.
The Chippy, Burton Rd

The full menu is as follows:

Deep Fried Brie & Cranberry Parcels
Pig in a Duvet
Battered Stuffing Balls
Turkey & Stuffing Fritter
Deep Fried Sprouts
Deep Fried Christmas Pudding
Deep Fried Christmas Pudding with Ice Cream (Salted Caramel recommended)
Deep Fried Mars Bar
Mulled Cider (dine in only)

Veggie Christmas Platter: Deep-fried brie, stuffing balls, deep-fried sprouts, regular chips and gravy

Meat Christmas Platter: Pig in duvet, turkey fritter, sprouts, regular chips and gravy

Blow Out Christmas Platter: one veggie platter and one meat platter

The deep-fried festive grub is available to dine in, take out and on Deliveroo. For more info check out The Chippy's Instagram page here.

Featured Image Credit: The Chippy, Burton Rd

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