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Aldi Launches Its Biggest Ever 28oz Rump Steak For Father's Day

Aldi Launches Its Biggest Ever 28oz Rump Steak For Father's Day

Struggling this Father's Day? Look no further. Unless your old man's a vegetarian of course

If you're like me you'll be familiar with the panic feeling upon realising that it's Father's Day soon (16 June, guys) and you've got nothing sorted for your dad/stepdad/granddad/uncle/godfather or anyone else you may celebrate.

Again, if you're like me you end up rallying around for a gift before ringing your mum in a panic, only to hear the reassuring words: "I've sorted it already," phew...

Well, now you can shock everyone because our pals at Aldi have all of our backs after they launched the supermarket's biggest rump steak ever.

The 28oz steak (left) will be available from 13 June.

Aldi is flogging the 28oz BIGGER Daddy Rump Steak for £7.99 ($10) but the only catch is, you can't go and buy it now to treat yourself over the weekend. Damn it.

This badboi will be available in store from Thursday 13 June. Pen it in your diary quick time because this must be better than the usual socks, aftershave, trainers or lucky dip (finances dependent).

And if you were worrying about what your dad's eating partner is going to feast on, look no further. This treat actually feeds a family of four (no joke) so you and a sibling can even get involved. Or, don't be a stingy bastard and buy a couple - Dad/Son/Daughter vs Steak style.

The only thing that worries me here is how you're going to cook the thing. It will be a task in itself considering the meat weighs in at nearly 800g.

The Aldi Big Daddy rump steak is a big old bit of meat.

These steaks are expected to be in hot demand across the country and with them being a Specialbuy they won't be around long so hurry, once they're gone, they're gone.

If you do miss the boat, or you don't want to take on something quite as big as this 28 ouncer, don't worry because Aldi is also bringing back the firm favourite Big Daddy Rump Steak (16oz) which will set you back £4.99 ($6).

In a statement, Aldi said that the steak represented a way of treating yourself and saving, adding: "This premium British rump steak is an example of Aldi's commitment to offering quality, locally-sourced products at amazing low prices, once again allowing customers to make substantial savings on luxury products without compromise."

And if your pops doesn't eat red meat then it's back to the drawing board, I guess... 'MUUUUUUM'.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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