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Aldi Reveals The Best Time Of Day To Pick Up Reduced Items

Aldi Reveals The Best Time Of Day To Pick Up Reduced Items

When it comes to picking up reductions at the supermarket, it is commonly thought you're better off visiting late in the day, when items are just hours away from getting thrown in the bin.

But it seems at Aldi, things work a little differently.

It seems you're best getting in early for bargain at Aldi. Credit: PA
It seems you're best getting in early for bargain at Aldi. Credit: PA

At the German supermarket, staff reduce items at 7am, meaning the earlier you get there, the more likely you are to grab a steal.


An Aldi spokesperson told The Mirror: "All items are reduced to 50 percent of the recommended sales price before stores open on their best before or use by dates."

How interesting. Food for thought, you might say.

So if you're looking for yellow-sticker bargains as we all try to save money in the run-up to Christmas... well, now you know the best time to head to Aldi.

Festive offerings are certainly on the supermarket's mind at this point - last week, Aldi released its official Kevin the Carrot Christmas ad.


In the clip, we see a blaze of orange as one of Kevin's kids looks out of the window at the night sky, believing they've seen a 'shooting star'.

His other child says poignantly: "It's not Christmas until my Daddy gets home."

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The narrator then adds: "Kevin the Carrot was a long way from home. Would he spend Christmas all cold and alone?"

Our hero/carrot then sets out on an adventure to get back to his loved ones, enlisting the help of a friendly hedgehog (the Pirates of the Caribbean music kicks in here for full dramatic effect).


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After dodging deathly icicles in a cold river, the two stumble upon Santa, who says kindly: "Let's get you home. I've got an idea."

He pops Kevin and his hedgehog pal in the basket on his bike and cycles through the sky - a nod to ET - and manages to get them home in time.

Unsurprisingly, the bizarrely popular carrot's most recent adventure proved a hit with viewers.


One person commented: "Aww brilliant! Thank god at least Aldi is optimistic about Christmas! Chill out everyone for goodness sake it's NOT all about Covid."

Another wrote: "We all need something to distract our minds a bit. Love it, and the fact it is more the style of when Kevin first came on the scene."

A third added: "We love hearing about Kevin.

"In a world that is a bit crazy at the present time his story is a gentle reminder that all will be well in the end."

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