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​An Incredible Garlic Peeling Hack Is Blowing Our Tiny Little Minds

​An Incredible Garlic Peeling Hack Is Blowing Our Tiny Little Minds

The technique has gone viral and not only looks doable, but also very effective

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

We've all got our tactics when it comes to peeling garlic, but I'm almost certain that none of you will have encountered this one before:

Yup, peeling individual cloves of garlic is the kitchen's BIGGEST BALL ACHE, and because it's such a fiddly process, it often leaves those digits of yours absolutely covered in a very pungent, lingering pong.

I normally get so fed up of fussing around with the papery skins, I just chop off each end, place the flat of my knife over it and punch the base of my fist down - thus breaking the clove and removing the outer layer in one swipe.

Other people might put a couple of cloves in a Tupperware box and frantically shake them up, a process that sheds the skins through friction.

Garlic bulbs.

Only thing is, punching knives isn't exactly the safest pastime, and shaking boxfuls of garlic is often more successful in theory than practice.

But there's one technique that's gone viral, and it looks not only doable, but also potentially effective.

It basically involves holding the bulb in your hand and using a small, sharp paring knife to spear a clove, before pulling it out and releasing it from its skin.

Understandably, the footage soon went viral - having racked up 120,000 likes and 52,000 retweets.

"This has blown my mind," one person tweeted.

Someone else wrote: "Wtf, that's genius. Gonna have to give that a try."

Another said: "This is why I'll never leave Twitter, you learn more on here in a day than you learn in a week of school."

A fourth added: "My mind is officially blown and my life changed forever."

Mind you, not everyone was quite as full of praise for the hack - with some saying they'd tried it out but not had much luck.

One person tweeted: "Man, I just went through a head of garlic working on my technique and just ended up with a bunch of broken cloves."

Another lamented: "I can't get it to work."

Someone else offered: "A better method is to fry cloves whole with onions if you're using them. Then, they just slip out of their skins. It's taken me over 50 years to work this out."

Or there's the knife-punch technique, of course...

Whatever option you go for, just make sure you're garlicking safely, okay?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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