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Aussies Discover They Can Make Incredible Pork Belly In Air Fryer

Aussies Discover They Can Make Incredible Pork Belly In Air Fryer

It cooks in a third of the time and people have been going wild for the recipe.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Pork belly is one of those meals that leaves you salivating until you nearly drown. If you get it just right, it's one helluva heavenly meal.

Because restaurants have been closed down during the coronavirus pandemic, people have been forced to make the meal at home to varying degrees of success.

But some Aussies have discovered a way to get that incredible pork crackling on top of a beautifully roasted pork belly with ease.

Using a simple air fryer, you can get crackling that has ben described as 'the best ever' and in a third of the time compared to a conventional oven.

Air Fryer Recipes Australia/Facebook

Previously, it used to take hours to get the pork cooked all the way to the centre while having the skin on top in the best possible spot. But, now you just have to whack it into an air fryer for an hour at 200 degrees and you'll be feasting on the best pork imaginable.

Recipes have been uploaded to social media pages dedicated to the device, like Air Fryer Recipes Australia, and people have been going wild.

One person wrote: "I cook my pork in the air fryer all the time and it's so delicious. Does the best crackle."

Added another: 'Best I've ever had, and the best I've ever cooked pork belly. It's perfect."

A third said: "I've had it twice this week!"

Air Fryer Recipes/Australia

To get started, you'll have to ensure that the skin of your pork belly is incredibly dry. You should leave it in your fridge uncovered until you're ready to use it as this will remove as much moisture as possible.

When you're getting to pop it into the air fryer, first use a paper towel to get rid of any obvious or excess liquid on the top.

Then score the skin with a knife, drizzle oil on the top and rub some salt into the skin to get it ready to crackle.

Once that's all done, whack some oil in the bottom of your air fryer and turn it up to the designated temperature.

Then you'll have to do something for an hour to fill in the time. Maybe you could learn a few TikTok dances, whip up an accompanying salad, or go for a run. Or you could just sit in front of the air fryer and smell the delicious pork belly cooking.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi Mums/Facebook

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