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ASDA's Brought Out A Cheese Advent Calendar And It's A Christmas Cracker

ASDA's Brought Out A Cheese Advent Calendar And It's A Christmas Cracker

ASDA are bringing out a cheese advent calendar and I'm not sure my little heart can take that much joy in one sentence.

The calendar features 24 individually-wrapped cheeses (five varieties), including Applewood and Jarlsberg.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, the blogger behind the invention, Annem Hobson, said: "Cheese. I love it. I'd go as far as saying I love it more than chocolate.


"After searching high and low and discovering there shockingly wasn't already one on the market, I launched a campaign after creating one handmade prototype last Christmas.

"The response was overwhelming, with over 11,000 cheese lovers signing up to get one in 2017.

"After a busy year of figuring out packaging, wrapping my head around contracts, retailers, trademarks and more, I'm thrilled to announce they will be on sale in Asda stores nationwide!"


The calendars cost £9.99 ($13.18) each, and are going on sale in ASDA stores on Monday, 6 November.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, how about one of these novelty ones?

Gin Advent Calendar


The ginvent calendar features one full-size bottle of gin, alongside a teeny-tiny bottle of tonic each day to keep your taste buds tingling.

It's not just any tonic water on offer, though, because behind each door is a different flavour or brand of the good stuff, meaning you'll never have a dull day in the run up to Xmas.

Flavour selections include: pomegranate and basil, tangerine, cinnamon and cucumber and watermelon.


To pre-order this most marvelous of creations, it'll set you back £99 ($130).

Prosecco Advent Calendar

Yup, you read that right. A prosecco version.

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Company Is Offering A Gin Advent Calendar In Australia For Christmas


Costing £125 ($165), it's a little expensive, but who can put a price on happiness?

Behind each door is a small bottle of fizz, meaning you can drink every day, or you can open it all at once and get absolutely hammered. We wouldn't recommend that, though.

Drinks behind the doors include prosecco, cava, sparkling pinot noir and rosé from around the world.

But the fanciest bev is yet to come, as on Crimbo eve you'll be treated to a bottle of Laurent-Perrier champagne, just to make you feel extra special.

Wine Advent Calendar

Look at this...

aldi advent calendar
aldi advent calendar

Credit: Aldi

At £49.99 ($66) it's one of the cheapest alcohol advent calendars on the market (perfect for the more stingy individuals among us). To put it into context for you, that works out at around £2 ($2.64) a bottle, which, if you ask us, is one bargain and a half.

The calendar, which is set to hit stores on 14 November, contains 24 bottles wine, including white, rose and fizz.

But it won't all just be house wine, as Aldi has confirmed you can expect to find offerings from brands such as JP Chenet and Calvet behind each door, meaning you might just be lucky enough to find your favourite tipple.

The product's only slight drawback is that the bottles are miniature in size, though added up together, the amount of wine in the calendar equals six full-sized bottles, so it's not all bad news.

Disney Advent Calendar

Disney has announced two new advent calendars to whet our appetites for the festive season.

Credit: Disney Store/Facebook

The first one is The Micro Tsum Tsum calendar, which will be priced at £59.99 ($79). Yep, it's expensive. But adorable...

The second is the Animators Little's calendar, priced at £24.99 ($33).

You may have noticed that the Animators Little's calendar only has 24 doors, while the Tsum Tsum one has 25. Yeah, we don't get that either.

Both the calendars will be available in store and online on Tuesday 24 October at around 8am. Unfortunately, you can't pre-order.

Yup. We officially can't wait for Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: ASDA/Aardman Animations

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