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You Can Brew Fresh Pints From Home With 'Revolutionary' Beer Machine

You Can Brew Fresh Pints From Home With 'Revolutionary' Beer Machine

When they close the pubs, it's time to bring the pub to your place

A 'revolutionary' beer machine allows drinkers to brew fresh pints from home. You can see how here:

The Pinter combines 'age-old craft brewing techniques with revolutionary new technology', enabling you to brew up 10 fresh pints quickly and simply for the first time.

Many of us have a mate who is the proud owner of a draught beer machine, but these devices can be costly and they don't pour fresh beer, they require kegs. Similarly, some of us may also have a friend who makes their own homebrews, but this usually involves a lot of time, effort, cylinders and syphons - and the end result is often undrinkable because your friend is incompetent.

With the Pinter, all you have to do is choose a fresh press of your choice - lager, pilsner, IPA, APA, dark fruit cider or cloudy apple cider - and pour it in along with the brewing yeast and tap water, before leaving it to brew for two to five days (depending on which drink you're making).

Then, you just need to leave it in the fridge to cool and condition, and voila - you've got 10 fresh pints at your fingertips.

This innovation could not have come at a better time.
The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co.

Clearly, this is a fantastic development - and it could not have come at a better time with pubs closing across the country amid ever-tightening coronavirus lockdown measures.

As well as being an important innovation for booze enthusiasts, the Pinter also represents a significant breakthrough in terms of sustainable drinking. A small carboard pack that slips right through your letterbox in essence contains 10 pints, whereas typically this quantity of alcohol would require a good deal of metal, glass and cardboard to be transported.

As the brains behind the device, The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. explained: "The environmental benefits of the Pinter are nothing short of stunning. It is not an evolution of sustainable design but a revolution.

"The Co2 impact of transportation, packaging and production for shop bought, imported beers is huge in comparison with the Pinter.

"There's 70 percent less packaging and 50 percent less Co2 for every 10 pints you get from the Pinter when compared to a similar amount of unfresh beer - i.e. 17 x 330ml bottles or cans of imported lager."

Fresh pints should make stay at home orders more tolerable.
The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co.

You might think that something so delicious and virtuous would come at a high price, but in fact, it makes drinking cheaper too. The majestic contraption is priced at £75 ($96.94), and that includes two Pinter Packs of your choice - so 20 pints.

You can then order new packs as and when you need them, with prices ranging from £10 ($12.92) to £15 ($19.38). Alternatively, you can pay a monthly membership fee, which lowers the price further.

As you can probably figure out, that it is a very cheap pint.

Explaining this value, The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co. said: "First off, no duty means savings passed directly to you.

"Secondly, with the Pinter you're consolidating the traditional brewing process - your fresh beer is fermenting at home, so a streamlined overall process. You buy direct from us, so no retail margins, which means 10 pints at 30 percent of the cost of craft beer, whilst maintaining the quality."

To top it all off, the Pinter comes in a range of sleek colours to suit your taste/fridge.

The Pinter comes in a number of different colours.
The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co.

Ralph Broadbent, CEO of The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co., said: "The Pinter has taken us years to develop, as the pioneers of fresh beer our ambition is no less than to change the way people drink.

"With the Pinter we're going to deliver a new world of fresh beer into people's homes. Everyone would drink brewery fresh beer if they could, the Pinter now means they can."

You can find out more or buy your own Pinter here.

Featured Image Credit: The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co.

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