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Bloke Claims He's Found ‘World's Longest Chip’ At Wetherspoons

Bloke Claims He's Found ‘World's Longest Chip’ At Wetherspoons

After sharing a photo of the mega-chip on Facebook, some people speculated that 'fraud' was at play.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A Wetherspoon customer said he was served 'the world's longest chip', claiming its length stretched a whopping 18.5 inches - although not everyone's convinced that all is what it seems.

Sam Mumford posted in the viral 'Wetherspoons paltry chip count' Facebook group, writing: "42 chips served tonight with a chicken burger, along with the world's longest chip, size of a pint of Brewdog."

Kennedy News and Media

He had been served the meal at The Black Boy in Newtown, Powys, Mid Wales, on the evening of Friday 22 October.

In an accompanying photo, Mumford's friend could be seen holding up what appeared to be a giant chip, a pint also held next to it to show the scale.

Kennedy News and Media

His post racked up hundreds of likes as people discussed the mega-chip in the comments, with many speculating that 'fraud' was at play.

One person commented: "That's clearly two chips held together sam do you think we were born yesterday."


A third said: "Fraudulent he's holding two chips together!!!"

In a later post into the group, Mumford shared 'verification' of the 'magnificent chip' with another photo of him holding it from above, and one more of it spanning the length of the famous blue floral Wetherspoon plate.

Kennedy News and Media
Kennedy News and Media

His second post garnered even more attention with more than 3,000 reactions.

However, people still weren't convinced, suggesting he had somehow attached two chips.

"I call buls***," one said.

Another wrote: "It's a valid attempt I'll give you that!!!!!"

JD Wetherspoon said that while it was unable to verify the chip was indeed the 'world's longest' as claimed by Mumford, the chain congratulated the customer on his discovery.

Kennedy News and Media

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "Hats off to Sam for finding what he believes is the longest chip in the world.

"While we can't verify that, we can certainly say that it is a whopper of a chip.

"Our chips come in all shapes and sizes and this find highlights that.

"It's great that Sam took a photo for posterity - hopefully he enjoyed eating it too."

In a statement to LADbible, Mumford simply said: "I think the haters are only jealous that they haven't been served a chip of such magnitude."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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