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Customers Shocked By Marks And Spencer's 'Suggestive' Chocolate Bunny

Customers Shocked By Marks And Spencer's 'Suggestive' Chocolate Bunny

Easter is an absolutely huge time of year for any company that sells chocolate. After all, chocolate is what this time of the year is all about - that and the supposed resurrection of Jesus.

However, this means shops are filled wall to wall with choc, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to get their choc to stand out from the rest.


It looks like Marks and Spencer have pulled a blinder this year though, with their 'yoga bunny' grabbing all the chocolate-based headlines.

Yes, it seems the way to make your chocolate stand out from the rest is to make it flirtatious. Of course, chocolate is inherently tempting, but the retailer's rabbit has been catching customers' eyes more than your average egg.

A man called Christian was one of many people to point out the naughty nature of the bunny's pose, describing it as 'a bit suggestive', but the retailer appeared to play dumb in its response: "Suggestive? It's merely a bunny in the 'downwards-facing dog' yoga position, Christian!"

So was this a bawdy blunder from Marks and Sparks, or a cheeky marketing ploy? You'd have to guess it was probably the latter, and even if it wasn't, they're certainly making the most of it now.


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The retailer even decided to let the people decide whether the Yoga Bunny was in fact more of a Racy Rabbit by putting it to a poll, with a very slim majority deciding the chocolate was in fact a seductive deviant.

It's like Brexit all over again, but less divisive and more sexy.

Indeed, even though most people thought the rabbit was a little racy, it seems the majority on Twitter found it more amusing and admirable than offensive.

One person wrote: "The M&S Yoga Bunny Easter egg is very 'door's on the latch, find me upstairs.'"

Another added: "Maybe the name of the company should be S&M?! Lol."

The Yoga Bunnies are available in Marks and Spencer stores now, so if you like the look of them, you can go down and pick one up now.

LADbible has contacted Marks and Spencer for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Marks And Spencer

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