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Customers Will No Longer Be Able To Serve Themselves At Toby Carvery

Customers Will No Longer Be Able To Serve Themselves At Toby Carvery

Things will be a bit different post-lockdown

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

With pubs and restaurants set to reopen from next Saturday, Toby Carvery has announced some changes to how it will operate post-lockdown.

Under the new rules, customers will no longer be able to pile up their own plates, but will be served by the carvery's chefs instead.

Toby Carvery

A Toby Carvery spokesperson told the Mirror: "We're delighted to say that guests will still be able to enjoy their favourite roast just the way they like it, but we will reopen our carvery deck with our chefs serving the roast meats, vegetables and accompaniments.

"Similarly, the famous Toby breakfast will be served for guests by our chefs in the same way.

"Tables and the space around the carvery deck will observe the safe distancing guidance and we will ensure rigorous standards of cleanliness with hand sanitiser stations throughout the restaurant."

Toby Carvery has opened up its booking system for customers, with some venues already booked up for opening day.

But not everyone is impressed by the new rules, with person posting on Twitter to say: "Bad news for Toby Carvery fans, when they open you cannot fill your own plate. So thats us not going until we can, surely gloves could be provided so customers don't have to touch the serving cutlery directly."

While another said: "Loading your own plate is the reason you go for a carvery."

But some people attempted to look on the bright side with one fella chipping in: "So long as I get my 30 roast potatoes, I don't care who puts them on the plate." That's the spirit my carb-loving friend.

Toby Carvery

Minimisng self-service in pubs and restaurants is just one of the many new guidelines the UK government has issued following the announcement that they can reopen on 4 July.

Among the new rules, premises have been told they must collect the contact details of customers when they enter.

Published on the government website, the guidance reads: "The opening up of the economy following the Covid-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace.

"You should assist this service by keeping a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days, in a way that is manageable for your business, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed.

"This could help contain clusters or outbreaks."

Featured Image Credit: Toby Carvery

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