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Football Presenters Shocked By 'Kid Drinking Beer' At German Match

Football Presenters Shocked By 'Kid Drinking Beer' At German Match

BT Sport presenters were left baffled when they spotted what appeared to be footage of 'a kid drinking beer' at a German football match.

The clip was shared from BT Sport Score's Twitter account with the caption: "Did we really just spot a kid drinking a beer in Germany?"

In the 27-second video, one presenter says: "Well, we basically had a shot in one of the German games of a child of no more than about six with a pint of beer."


Another chips in: "The worrying thing is, it's not a pint - it's nearly finished."

Someone in the studio suggests that it could be 'non-alcoholic', while another person in the tweet's replies argues: "Apfelschorle, its an Apple Juice drink!"

While the presenters seemed shocked by the sight, it's probably worth noting that we have no idea how old the anonymous football fan actually is - or, indeed, if he really was drinking beer.

Either way, the clip has attracted a fair bit of attention on Twitter, having racked up hundreds of likes within less than an hour.


Another person also went viral for drinking beer recently, this time for showing off some seriously impressive flair by creating a miniature tornado inside the bottle he's drinking from.

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Hebei Pangzai (real name is Liu Shichao) has become something of an online sensation by quaffing bottles of beer in style, seen holding the drink to his mouth before raising it and quickly shaking it in a circular motion in a bid to create a tornado inside the glass.

On Pangzai's Twitter account, which has amassed over 130,000 followers, he describes himself as the 'inventor of tornado beer drinking style'.


Replying to the tornado chugging video, one fan says: "You have the strength of 10 kings," while another adds: "Pangzai proves that you need not be a Jack of all Trades. Master anything, and it is valuable!"

A third said: "Glad that the King has been getting the recognition he deserves."

On the social media profile, he can be seen performing a number of ridiculous drinking skills - including one recently in which he popped two 1.5 litre bottles into his mouth and necked them both at the same time.


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