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Gelato Shop Creates Pigs In Blankets Ice Cream For Christmas

Gelato Shop Creates Pigs In Blankets Ice Cream For Christmas

Blended-up sausage, bacon, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup... All tucked up in a mini Yorkshire pudding, naturally

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Most of us would probably jump at the chance to increase our intake of pigs in blankets - why they're reserved solely for the Christmas dinner table, rather than being a year-round fixture on our plates, is beyond me.

But would you be tempted if that involved a novel combination of sausage, bacon and... ice cream?

That's exactly what one shop in Hertfordshire is serving up, treating customers to pigs in blanket ice cream.

Fabio's Gelato in Hitchin has created the bizarre concoction ahead of Christmas, blending up sausage, bacon, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup.

Pen News

Oh, and it also comes served in a Yorkshire pudding.

Pen News

Owner Fabio Vincenti, who started the business with his wife Hannah, said: "Having had bacon on pancakes and chips dunked in milkshake, we were hoping for that spectrum of flavours.

"It's cold, sweet and creamy with a sweet and salty maple-smoked flavour, and an aftertaste of sausage pigs in blankets.

"It really works - think bacon maple pancakes. Bacon makes anything taste nice, even Brussels sprouts!"

If you're sceptical - don't worry, you're not the only one.

Fabio said: "There's a huge divide before anyone tries it. We hear 'Yuck' 'Oh my god' and 'no way'.

"Then when they try it their faces turn - from closed, screwed-up eyes to wide open eyes and a smile. Followed by 'Oh yeah, it does taste like bacon'."

Fabio and Hannah.
Pen News

Fabio and Hannah fell in love with gelato during a family holiday to Rome, and even took a university course about the treat before they eventually opened up shop in 2015.

The ice cream parlour, which counts Premier League star Jack Wilshere among its regulars, managed to come up with the idea while trying to devise festive flavour combos for Christmas.

Pen News

"We were brainstorming Christmas flavour ideas and joking about how far we could take it," Fabio, 35, said.

"We then set about making pigs in blankets work.

"Our friends and family all laughed but they are used to our crazy ideas and flavours, and said if anyone can make it work you guys can."

Over the years, the shop has released many left-field flavours, including ice creams that taste like Marmite, the iconic McDonald's Big Mac and Guinness.

Featured Image Credit: Pen News

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