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Giant 'Avozilla' Avocados Are Hitting UK Supermarket Shelves Tomorrow

Giant 'Avozilla' Avocados Are Hitting UK Supermarket Shelves Tomorrow

The supersized fruit is nine times bigger than your average avocado, and is almost as heavy as two bags of sugar

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A perfect avocado truly is one of the world's most elusive joys, with all too many proving to be nothing but sheer disappointment as you slip a blade into the rough skin.

Too early and you'll find it's impossible to part the stone from its rubbery, tasteless green flesh; too late and you soon realise that inside there's nothing but brown, inedible gunk.

While we still can't promise perfection for your next avo fix, we can now at least provide a bit of a spectacle - thanks to the giant Avozillas that are now coming to the UK.

They've been around for a while, having previously gone viral after hitting shelves in Australia.

Solent News

But now Brits can now buy an Avozilla of their very own, as they're heading to 400 Tesco stores across the country on Friday.

The supersized fruit is nine times bigger than your average avocado, and is almost as heavy as two bags of sugar.

These ones are even bigger than their predecessors, too, as this year we've got a bumper crop of the South African-grown avocados - thanks to a strong harvest and perfect growing conditions in the hot climate where they're grown.

The trees bearing Avozillas only grow every other year as they're so heavy, but it looks like 2020 is a good time to be alive! Well, on the avocado front, at least.

Solent News

Shoppers can grab a rare Avozilla for just £4 when they go on sale in Tesco stores tomorrow - just make sure you take a strong bag, as these weigh a hefty 1.5kg, half a kilogram heavier than previous yields.

This year they also have an average length of nine inches and circumference of up to five inches, compared to previous Avozillas being, which were just seven inches long and four inches in circumference.

Tesco chilled salad and avocado buyer Jordan Blandford said: "These amazing whoppers are guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks.

Solent News

"The fruit is extremely rare and comes from just a relatively small number of trees grown by one of the world's biggest suppliers of avocados, in South Africa.

"The Avozillas tend to grow in number every other year because the plant is depleted after bearing such large fruit.

"Last year we hardly had any but this year we also had very good growing conditions and these two factors combined to help produce the far larger fruit.

"The Avozilla is perfect if you are making a party size portion of guacamole as you only need to remove the skin of one fruit.

"One of these monsters makes a huge bowl of guacamole."

Featured Image Credit: Solent News

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