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Golden Crumpet Toast Is Being Brought Back To Australia

Golden Crumpet Toast Is Being Brought Back To Australia

It's crunchy on the outside and soft and spongy in the middle.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Everyone loves a crumpet, right? Difficult to see how you can go wrong with the delicious savoury snack - whether you slather it in peanut butter, Vegemite, honey, butter or jam, it's very versatile.

But a new version of the snack we all know and love is being brought to Australia. Golden Bakery has concocted something called 'crumpet toast', with loaves soon to be available to the masses.


For just $5, you can sink your teeth into the crumpet-y goodness, which is described as a 'crunch on the outside, soft and spongy in the middle'.

Golden actually sold these bad boys years ago, but discontinued them. Now, Aussies will be able to feast on them all over again.

The company had hinted that crumpet toast would be making a comeback in a not-so-subtle post on social media.

It read: "We have something big and toasty coming! Keep an eye out at your local supermarket to find out what Mr Golden has planned!"

That caused quite a stir.


Upon having the news officially confirmed, one Twitter user replied: "OMFG the BEST thing to come outta Coronavirus isolation...Thank you Golden. Please NEVER take crumpet toast away. I found it just now mum is making a mad dash to the supermarket to try her luck!! OMG OMG OMG."

Another said: "Crumpet toast a life changer. I will remember this fondly my entire life 2020 was not just RONA lockdown and no bog roll it was the year crumpets into bread loaf."

A third said: "Loved crumpet toast when it was previously available 10 years ago so rushed out and bought 2 loaves straight away."

Golden also tricked people last year on April Fool's Day by saying it was reviving Crumpet Toast. However, the joke didn't go down well with people who had been missing for the product for more than a decade.

This time around, it isn't a joke. So get as many as you can, while you can.

Featured Image Credit: Coles

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