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Gordon Ramsay Defends His £19 Full English Breakfast At The Savoy

Gordon Ramsay Defends His £19 Full English Breakfast At The Savoy

"If you're worried about the price, you can't f***ing afford it.”

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Gordon Ramsay has hit back at those who criticised his £19 full English breakfast, saying if people are concerned about the price, they 'can't f***ing afford it'.

Ramsay, 54, unveiled his pricey breakfast dish earlier this year, telling fans it would be available to order at the Savoy Grill - his restaurant at the Savoy Hotel in London - from 21 September.

"The most amazing full English... Can't wait for you to try it," he tweeted.

However, after social media users clocked the price tag, they argued the breakfast meal was a 'complete and utter rip off' - not that Ramsay seems bothered, of course.

Speaking to Insider, Ramsay said of the British classic: "I stand by it. I swear by it. And it is one meal that I would ever eat as a last supper.

"It has to be a full English breakfast with extra baked beans."

Adding a message to his critics, he added: "And you know what? If you're worried about the price, you can't f***ing afford it."

The menu describes the £19 brekkie as a 'Quintessentially British Breakfast' with 'pork sausage, smoked back bacon, tomato, mushroom, baked beans, eggs and style'.

Twitter/Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

There's no mention of any toast - which could be an oversight on the menu - and don't even think about any black pudding, as that's an optional extra for £5. Same goes for a single pork sausage, mushroom, tomato or even an egg.

Responding to Ramsay's tweet in September, one social media user raged: "Can't wait for you to try it!!!!! Are the sides £5 each or is that for all of them???? Who is mug enough to pay a fiver for one sausage??? Get a grip GR."

Another said: "Never mind a sausage mate. Tomatoes & avocado are a fiver too. I hope this falls flat on its arse. Piss taking chef of the highest order."

A third wrote: "Never mind the £19. Add an extra tenner for a second sausage and a slice of pudding, a fiver for your coffee, £2 cover and 15% gratuity added to the bill as well. You're in or around £42."

Others defended Ramsay's breakfast by arguing 'you're paying for the whole Savoy experience'.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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