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Guzman Y Gomez Is Doing Free Delivery For The Next Three Weeks

Guzman Y Gomez Is Doing Free Delivery For The Next Three Weeks

There's no limit on how much you order or how many times you use the code.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Loads of fast food joints in Australia have started slinging juicy deals to get people to order their meals during isolation.

Now, Guzman y Gomez has sweetened the deal for everyone in Australia by offering free delivery until May 24.

Some people have forked out up to $8 on delivery fees in the past because they're right on the edge of the radius for a GYG store.

Now, you can bask in that guac glory and order as many burritos and tacos as your heart desires.

The free delivery deal will run for the next three weeks and there's no limit to how many times you use the coupon code GYGDELIVERY on UberEats or on their website. So, don't be a schmuck and fork out extra cash when you don't have to.

If you're not really feeling Mexican but still don't want to pay for delivery on fast food then there is another option for you.

McDonald's Australia announced last week that it would be ditching delivery fees every single weekend until the end of June.

Jen Evans, Head of Home Delivery at McDonald's Australia, said: "We know our customers enjoy having their Macca's delivered contact-free straight to their door, and that our recent free delivery promotion has been a hit with our fans.

McDonald's Australia

"We're excited to announce that starting this Friday, we're extending our free delivery offer.

"We'll be waiving delivery fees on McDelivery orders of $25 or more that are placed via the Uber Eats app, across every weekend for the rest of May and throughout June.

"To get their free delivery, our customers just need to order McDelivery via the Uber Eats app, spend $25 or more and enter the weekly promo code.

"For this weekend the code's MACCAS2U - but make sure you check out our Facebook page each Friday to find out the new code you need."

Every. Goddamn. Weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Guzman Y Gomez/Instagram

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