Iceland Is Selling A Reese's Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Egg For £4

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Iceland Is Selling A Reese's Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Egg For £4

OK, so there's still a long way to go until Easter - hell, we've only just got shut of Christmas - but why not start getting ahead of yourself and becoming incredibly excited at the news that chocolate company Reese's is selling a peanut butter filled egg?

Yep, that sounds absolutely incredible, right?

Even better than that, you don't even have to wait until the end of Lent to get stuck into it - that's because you can pick one up on Iceland's website for just £4 right now.

To be fair, you might even be better off getting stuck into these really early. If last year is anything to go by, these are going to absolutely fly off the shelves.


Back in 2019 they sold out so quickly that there were individual 170g eggs going for as much as £14.99 on eBay, such was the demand.

Credit: Iceland
Credit: Iceland

That - at the time - was an entire £7 more than their recommended retail price.


This year, they are even cheaper, so we can expect them to be a ridiculously large success once again.

In case you're wondering what exactly it is that sets these treats apart - and for some reason you haven't got the point already - then let's have a look at what you'll get for the price.

The egg, which is a decent size already, consists of a chocolate shell that is a quarter of an inch thick.

Underneath that thick exterior, it's full of bloody peanut butter. What more do you want to know?


The only downside is that the shape of it means that you only get half an egg. Oh well, half a peanut butter filled chocolate egg is better than none at all, as my old mam used to say.

So, if you're already salivating at the prospect of getting hold of one of the eggs, you can currently get them on Iceland's website. There is a minimum spend of £25 and delivery is completely free if you order over £35.

Stock up, why don't you?

Iceland told LADbible: "The Reese's egg will be stocked only in our The Food Warehouse stores, of which there are currently 120 across the UK."


However, if you're still trying to keep to your post-Christmas health kick, obviously these aren't really the best idea - per 100g, the egg contains 515 calories and 52.4g of sugar. And it's a 170g egg, so it's not exactly scrimping on either front.

To put that into context, the recommended daily intake of sugar is 30g. That means that one of these is 22.4g more than you're supposed to have all day.

Oh well, life is short. Enjoy yourself.

Featured Image Credit: Iceland

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