Innocent Drinks Trolls Followers With 'Chocolate Orange Juice' For Christmas

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Innocent Drinks Trolls Followers With 'Chocolate Orange Juice' For Christmas

Innocent Drinks has trolled its followers with a 'brand-new chocolate orange' drink for Christmas - but now fans are begging the company to make it a reality.

Posting on social media, the drinks company said:

Before later confirming that the drink - which the company said was made from '100% freshly squeezed chocolate oranges' - was in fact a fake.


However, it turns out that many chocolate-orange-lovers are slightly gutted to learn it doesn't actually exist.

One person wrote: "100% would drink. In fact, might make and drink myself anyway."

Another wrote: "Honestly if that was made an actual thing, I'd buy it. Better find out how to squeeze chocolate oranges, Innocent."


A third added: "I hope this isn't a joke again, Innocent. You're going to make a lot of chocolate orange lovers very unhappy. Don't make 2020 worse for us."

While someone else said: "Oh, please be real! Please pleasepleaseplease!" to which Innocent replied: "We really want it to be real now too."

Get your thinking caps on, guys.

Of course, Innocent Drinks have got previous when it comes to being on the wind-up.


In April last year, the company launched its Bolt from the Blue smoothie and insisted it was blue, despite... well, the fact it was green.

Sharing a promo image of the (green) drink, Innocent wrote: "We've made a new drink. It's blue. It's tasty. It's blue. It's good for you. It's blue.

"It's made from apple, lime, guava, and coconut water. It's blue. It's boosted with vitamins. It's blue. It's the perfect subject for a Venn diagram.

"Did we mention it's blue?"


Then the poor bugger who mans the Innocent social media account spent the rest of their day responding to the myriad tweets saying 'it's green' to tell them 'it's blue'.

Even Dulux got involved at one point to suggest it was green, while Duncan James (from the boyband Blue) sided with Innocent and insisted it was blue - well, he would say that, wouldn't he.

When asked about the new juice, Innocent replied: "Our juice is definitely blue. Overall, we've now received over 25 million impressions on the post."

Featured Image Credit: Innocent Drinks

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