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James May Cooked And Ate Cat Food And Quite Liked It

Dominic Smithers

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James May Cooked And Ate Cat Food And Quite Liked It

It's a question many of us have asked ourselves but for which few have dared to find the answer: what does cat food taste like?

Well, after asking their readers whether it would be a good idea or not, the good folks over at FoodTribe got the former Top Gear presenter James May to find out.

You can watch the horror unfold below:


And while most of us would, fairly understandably, never wish to eat pet food of any description, May faced the challenge head on.

In the video posted to YouTube, the 57-year-old says: "Cat food is perfectly edible, it is suitable for human consumption, and, in fact, it has to be, because the tragedy is that some people, when they get really hard-up, eat it.

"It was recognised back in the 1970s, I think, that this was happening, so it became the law, as I understand it, that all pet food had to be fit for human consumption."

The petrol head then set about turning two brands of cat food - a sachet of beef and poultry from home and a tin of chicken and cheese belonging to someone called Tom - into delicious pies, complete with Smash - powdered mash potato - and chillies to help mask the flavour.


Opening the first packet of cat food, May takes a deep sniff of its contents, before recoiling: "Good God... we're going to eat that. I've had pâtés that smell as bad."

Credit: FoodTribe
Credit: FoodTribe

And things don't get much better with the chicken and cheese offering which, despite his initial curiosity and excitement, leads him to recoil once again as the stench makes its way to his nostrils.

"Jeez... it's a little high. That looks a little bit like crab meat, doesn't it?" he says as he holds the tin up to the camera.


He then empties them both into two separate pans, adding them to the base of onions, carrots, and chilli.

After stirring them around a bit in an attempt to make them look as edible and un-cat food like as possible, May pours them both into two ramekins and tops them with the Smash.

The dishes are then placed into a mini oven for 25 minutes before being taken out and browned off with a blowtorch.

Before tasting his creations, May assures viewers that no switches were made.


He says: "In case you're thinking 'ah, well, while the camera was cut they took those pies out and replaced them with minced lamb or minced beef', no we didn't. I swear, cub's honour and all that, we haven't interfered with these."

So, what was the verdict?

Well, not that bad, actually. After tasting both creations, May and Tom agree that they're perfectly fine to eat and that they've eaten worse meals in the past.

But there has to be a winner, and sadly for May, Tom's cat food came out on top.

Featured Image Credit: FoodTribe

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Dominic Smithers
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