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Red Ross Alert As ​KFC Is Going In On The Friends ‘Moist Maker’ Sandwich With A Catch

Red Ross Alert As ​KFC Is Going In On The Friends ‘Moist Maker’ Sandwich With A Catch

If you're a Friends fan, you'll no doubt remember the 'Moist Maker' - Ross Geller's much-loved Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich that his boss ended up stealing from the work fridge. Well, thanks to KFC, you can now gorge yourself on one of your very own:


Credit: KFC UK and Ireland

According to Ross, this delectable festive feast's biggest draw was the extra slice of gravy-soaked bread that sat in the middle. Mmm, gravy.

The Moist Maker is a horrendous name for a sandwich - which was obviously part of the joke -but if Ross was willing to risk the sack to argue the toss over his boss nicking it, it's clearly worth considering.


KFC has already thrown its festive hat in the ring after announcing its Christmas specials earlier this week, which include its Celebrations Krushem milkshake and festive spiced fries.

Now, in honour of America's pre-Christmas holiday, KFC has created its own double-chicken version of the Moist Maker which you can buy for the cool price of £6.37 ($8.46).

"Sounds awesome! What's the catch?" you ask. And yes, there is a catch: you can't order it from the KFC till as usual.

Instead of walking up to the till and asking for the Moist Maker, you'll have to order three different KFC menu items and put the sarnie together yourself. I hope you enjoy making a mess.

Credit: KFC

To make the Thanksgiving Moist Maker you will need to order three different items from the KFC menu: a Fillet Burger, a Mini Fillet Burger and a small pot of gravy.

From here, you're essentially putting the little fillet burger inside the big one. First, take the top half of the bun off your Fillet Burger and pour your gravy over the chicken.

Then, add the bread base of your Mini Fillet Burger and slather gravy on top of that. For those not previously familiar with the elder Geller sibling's mealtime preferences, that's the Moist Maker part.

Finally, you'll need to put your Mini Fillet back on its bun, replace the top and voilà, you have your own sloppy festive sarnie.

Sure, it's a little spare and probably not as good as the real one that Ross got so mad over losing - no stuffing or cranberry sauce?!

Still, it's not bad for something that'll cost you just over a fiver. Hey, if you're nerdy enough to take food advice from a 90s sitcom...

A better approach, of course, is for you to make a Moist Maker from scratch yourself at home. Just make sure that no one else scoffs it before you do.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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