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Passionfruit Could Soon Become Dirt Cheap In Australia Due To 'Tsunami' Of Supply

Passionfruit Could Soon Become Dirt Cheap In Australia Due To 'Tsunami' Of Supply

If you're familiar with the price of fruit and vegetables in Australia then you'll know that some items can cost a fair whack.

It's understandable considering our farmers have gone through some horrific conditions over the past few seasons and they need to recoup some costs.

However, a perfect mixture of good conditions has left passionfruit growers in Australia with a 'tsunami' of supply suddenly and that could mean big things for shoppers. Growers are calling on major supermarkets to drop their prices, with some places selling passionfruit for as much as $1.20 a pop.

Jane Richter, Passionfruit Australia vice-president, has revealed that supplies have finally bounced back after months of suffering from a combination of terrible drought and devastating rain and hail.


"All of those [climatic] conditions have conspired, so that every single growing region has got a huge lump of fruit coming through the supply chain right now," she told the ABC.

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"We need people to get out there and rediscover passionfruit, we need retailers to get behind us and do some really crazy hot specials, put them at the front of the store."

Ms Richter says supermarkets should be selling passionfruit for 50c each, instead of more than double in some areas.


They're not really considered much of a winter fruit, but when there are loads of them sitting around, it would be rude not to tuck into one or ten.

"I had a message from our president this morning, who's based in northern New South Wales, to say that their local transport company was literally so backed up that they ran out of pallets," Ms Richter continued.

They're now pressuring the likes of Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other retailers to consider lowering the price of the delicious and tangy fruit now that there's a massive oversupply of them. You can whack them in salads, on desserts and even in cocktails if you want to get fancy so have a crack and hopefully they could soon become dirt cheap.

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