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Man Uses Panoramic Mode To Create Ingenious Hot Dog Snap

Man Uses Panoramic Mode To Create Ingenious Hot Dog Snap

Graphic artist Pablo Rochat used his pano mode to make it look like he was eating a HUGE hot dog

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A graphic artist has found a creative new use for the panoramic feature his camera phone, having created an amusing photo of himself eating a very, very long hot dog.

Most of us use the panoramic mode on our cameras pretty rarely, occasionally whipping it out on holiday to take an arty snap of a stunning vista - only to realise later that the sun looks like it's melted and your best mate looks like they have four legs after accidentally wandering into the shot.

But in the right hands, in turns out, the feature can create absolute magic - as proven by a certain Pablo Rochat.

Pablo shared a video on Instagram and Twitter, writing: "Discovered a new use for ur pano mode. #longhotdogchallenge."

The #longhotdogchallenge, as he called it, involved making a panorama of himself eating a hot dog, using the feature to give the illusion of freakishly-long bun and sausage.

Showing us how it's done, Pablo held his hot dog up to the camera and as he panned around to himself, he simply took the hot dog with him - capturing the background as the camera span round, along with the food in the foreground.

Twitter/Pablo Rochat

At the end of the video he launched the hot dog into his mouth, in turn creating the incredible panoramic illusion.

Many people enjoyed Pablo's creative use of the camera function, with the video racking up more than 135,000 likes on Twitter.

One person commented: "Dude!! Your mind is freaking amazing!!"

Another joked: "Have you ever tried this on different thing?"

Others even tried it out for themselves, with some opting for other objects like banana, sticks of butter and even their fingers.

It's not actually the first time Pablo's cropped up online for his creativity, having also gone viral recently for placing stickers of Apple AirPods on the floor to trick passers-by.

In a video, Pablo showed his cunning trick in action, having placed stickers around the streets of San Francisco and watching as people reached down to pick up what they thought was the expensive gadget.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Pablo wrote: "I made life-size AirPod stickers and stuck them on the ground, all over the city."

To maximise the chaos, he's also given people the option to print their own AirPod stickers from his website.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Pablo Rochat

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