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McDonald's Confirms That Drive-Thru And Delivery Will Still Be Available In Second Lockdown

McDonald's Confirms That Drive-Thru And Delivery Will Still Be Available In Second Lockdown

You'll just have to eat your Big Mac at home

McDonald's has confirmed that it will be keeping takeaways, deliveries, and Drive-Thru restaurants open through the second lockdown period announced by Boris Johnson yesterday.

As of Thursday 5 November, the entirety of England will enter a second lockdown that will see all hospitality venues and non-essential businesses close.

That period could be extended even further if the rate of infection does not drop, cabinet minister Michael Gove confirmed earlier.

However, Maccies will still be available, you just won't be able to go into the restaurant to get your food.


All that this means is that you'll have to fire up the car and head for a Drive-Thru location if you want to get a Big Mac meal or some nuggets.

You can still order a McDonald's meal via Uber Eats and JustEat, too.

A spokesperson for the fast food chain said: "Following last night's announcement of a new four week lockdown in England, we have confirmed that our Drive-Thru, takeaway and delivery services can remain open.

"Our dine-in areas will be closed during this period starting on November 5.


"We will continue to follow the guidance and regulations as set out by public health and government authorities and will confirm any changes to our services to our employees first and then our customers."

After the last lockdown, the menu at Maccies was slightly stripped back, meaning that some of the items on the menu were not available for months.

It's not clear yet whether that is going to happen again, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.

Last time out, loads of people queued outside McDonald's restaurants to get their favourite food, and probably just to get a wee taste of normality in these wretched and confusing times.


Some folks even camped outside in order to make sure that they got first dibs on the food that they wanted.

This behaviour is strongly discouraged in November, especially given the weather that we've had this week.

However, whilst this is good news for McDonald's fans, it's more bad news for pubs, restaurants, and bars up and down England, because the latest rules from the government ban the sale of takeaway pints and alcohol.

Last time, at least the struggling pubs were allowed to offer freshly poured pints served in containers to be consumed off the premises, now that's not going to happen.

Here's hoping that the rate of infection falls significantly so that these businesses can be saved.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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