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McDonald's Launches Four New Menu Items Today, Including Triple Cheeseburger

McDonald's Launches Four New Menu Items Today, Including Triple Cheeseburger

The wait is over for anyone wanting to get their hands on a triple cheeseburger

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Good news, everybody - McDonald's is launching four new menu items today, including that eagerly anticipated triple cheeseburger.

From 5am this morning, a brand-new breakfast item was also launched - a Jam Muffin costing just 99p.


Then from 11am you'll be able to get your hands on a Cadbury Caramel McFlurry and Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry, both of which are back for the first time since April last year. Each McFlurry will set you back £1.39 for a standard size and just 99p for a mini one.

And let's not forget that today is also the nationwide launch date for the triple cheeseburger, which is being launched following a successful trial in Yorkshire.

McDonald's said in a statement: "To add a lighter bite to breakfast, the Jam Muffin will be available for 99p. The toasted muffin with jam has been on sale in Ireland for a number of years and will now be coming to the UK.

"Also returning to the menu tomorrow are promotional McFlurry flavours - in both regular and mini sizes, the Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Caramel - both firm favourites among McFlurry fans."


The fast-food giant added: "Following a successful trial period earlier this year, the Triple Cheeseburger will now officially join the Saver Menu as a permanent addition from Wednesday 2 September."

The triple cheeseburger - which is exactly the same as the normal cheeseburger/double cheeseburger but with three patties - can be yours for just £2.19.

The burger caused quite the storm on social media, even before it was released, with one meat-lover writing: "Nothing else matters because the triple cheeseburger is coming to the UK."

A second person wrote: "The cheeseburger is pound for pound absolute top tier at Maccies... can't wait to go triple."

While another said: "Just been talking about starting to eat healthy again from next week etc. and then I see the TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER is coming to the UK. F*** being healthy..." Indeed.

Happy eating.

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's

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