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McDonald's Says It 'Hasn't Forgotten' About Other Parts Of The Country

McDonald's Says It 'Hasn't Forgotten' About Other Parts Of The Country

The fast-food giant assured customers that plans were underway for stores to open their doors once again

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

McDonald's has assured customers that it 'hasn't forgotten' about other parts of the country.

The fast-food giant says plans are underway to reopen the rest of its drive-thru services after having already reopened 39 branches in UK and Ireland.

In a statement, McDonald's chief executive Paul Pomroy said the first group of branches had been prioritised because of their proximity to the firm's head office.

He said: "To help us test the new procedures and to slowly restart our supply chain, the pilot restaurants in the UK are all located close to our head office and to one of our distribution centres in the south east.

"We wanted to keep this group controlled and to test the impact of reopening multiple restaurants in one area first, instead of spreading ourselves too thinly and to make it easier for our employees and suppliers.

"I promise I have not forgotten about any part of the UK or Ireland.

Customers have been itching to get their hands on a Maccies.

"We are taking our time to test the new ways of working in our restaurants, ensuring that we can continue to help our teams to work safely, and to get back to the communities we have proudly served for so many years."

It comes a few days after Maccies confirmed that it would be reopening the rest of its branches by 'early June'.

At the time, Mr Pomroy asked customers to 'bear with' the chain once it reopened, as it will take time before the restaurants can offer the same speed and range of options as it did pre-coronavirus.

He said: "When your local drive-thru does reopen, it will be different. Our service will not be as quick as you might be used to, as we adjust to smaller teams and social distancing in our kitchens.

McDonald's has assured customers that it 'hasn't forgotten about the North'.

"We expect there will be some queues for some of our busier sites and our restaurants will look different, with Perspex screens at our Drive-Thru windows and employees wearing protective equipment.

"I ask that you continue to be supportive of and patient with our restaurant teams as we slowly and safely return. We are asking all of our employees to adapt to how our restaurants now work, and will only reopen at a pace that enables them to work safely.

"As we get accustomed to the new processes and procedures, we will look to reopen more restaurants, for longer hours and reintroduce more menu items. But only when I am confident we can do so whilst maintaining the new procedures we have introduced for the protection of our people."

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