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Melbourne Woman On The Hunt To Find The City's Best Chips

Melbourne Woman On The Hunt To Find The City's Best Chips

With 467 reviews under her belt, Mip certainly has found a few bangers.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

When you think of takeaway food, you'll normally think of delicious burgers and fried chicken.

But not enough people give attention to the loyal sidekick that is the humble chip. While chips are often served up as a side, they deserve to have their time in the limelight.

That's exactly what one Melbourne woman is hoping to achieve with her Instagram page.

Mip's Chips has spent the past seven years going all over the city trying to find the best of the best.

Speaking to The Urban List, Mip said: "The Melbourne chip scene had plenty to offer and it was about time chips got out of the shadow of burgers and took the spotlight.

"It didn't take long for people to start sending in recommendations so I thought if the people are trusting me to find the best chips in town, that's what I'll do."

Incredibly, since beginning her quest to find the best fried potatoes, Mip has managed to produce 467 reviews.

Admittedly some of them are from places outside Melbourne, but it just goes to show you how dedicated Mip is to her craft.

Naturally, you're all here to see what the influencer reckons is the best of the best. Thankfully, she's bestowed that information upon the world.

"My all-time favourite chip is Heston's thrice cooked in beef fat, but I only got about six chips for $18 so I wasn't too thrilled about that," she told The Urban List.

"I'd rather get stuck into some loaded fries from places like Mr Crackles, Easey's, YOMG, Biggie Smalls or Leonard's House of Love-much more satisfying and just as delicious."

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mip has transitioned to reviewing frozen chips to see just how well they stack up against those you'll find in takeaways or restaurants.

She prefers to fry them in hot oil rather than use an air dryer because she thinks it produces a better chip (she's not wrong there).

While the new stage of reviews are in their infancy, Mip says Aldi's frozen chips are pretty decent, with The Seasons Pride sea salt and rosemary being the best so far.

Mip is hoping to create a website with all her reviews and once that is up and running, she plans on expanding her empire to encompass the whole of Australia.

Imagine having a detailed, perfected, centralised database of the best chip places in the country.

Featured Image Credit: Mip's Chips/Instagram

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