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Hungry Horse Introduces 'Cows In Quilts' To Rival Pigs In Blankets

Hungry Horse Introduces 'Cows In Quilts' To Rival Pigs In Blankets

The pub chain is taking Christmas to a whole new level this year by creating the ultimate festive side dish…



For many of us, pigs in blankets are precisely what Christmas is all about. Now, however, this seasonal tradition has been given a run for its money - and we're not telling porkies.

Hungry Horse has given competitors something to beef about after launching 'cows in quilts' in order to spice up their Christmas menu. What are they, I hear you ask? The answer is 'a mini beef burger wrapped in bacon'. Obviously.

The pub brand, which dazzled the country a few years ago with its 'Glitter Gravy' (yup, it's exactly what you think it is), has announced the seasonal sliders will decorate 286 pubs nationwide, providing a twist on a festive favourite to give its menu some bonus Christmas spirit.

Food development manager at Hungry Horse, Jason Radbourne said: "Pigs in blankets have long been the star of many Christmas dinners, and we thought it was time we gave the spotlight to a new seasonal side dish, by creating something which pays homage to a true pub classic - the beef burger.

'Cows in quilts', apparently.
Hungry Horse

"In Christmas 2017, we gave festive plates up and down the country a seasonal sparkle when we launched the UK's first glitter gravy, and we'd love this year's festive food innovation to become a Christmas classic of the future!"

This comes at a time when companies are throwing all manner of festive food ideas at the public, with some very 'unique' concoctions being added to menus alongside firm favourites - even Greggs is now selling pigs in blankets as part of its Christmas menu.

Across the country, we've seen other options like the 'Son of a Nutcracker' burger at Almost Famous, which consists of a cheeseburger, topped with a sausage patty, buttermilk fried turkey goujons, covered in JD and cola BBQ sauce, cranberry and bacon jam, festive slaw and brandy butter peppercorn sauce - all squeezed into a brioche bun with a sausage roll and a pig in a blanket on top.


Another choice could be the 'Christmas Pies' at Pieminster, including 'Deer Santa' (Wild British venison, bacon, red wine and green lentil) and 'The Cracker' (Free range British turkey, ham with cranberries, parsnips and sherry).

Meanwhile both Aldi and Asda are offering foot-long pigs in blankets, while the former supermarket is even betting on your Christmas party being a low-budget, high-class affair - it's now selling ethically sourced caviar, sourced from Yorkshire and costing around £30 for a 10g tin.

And, of course, Nando's is muscling in on the action with the launch of peri-peri gravy, which doesn't sound very Christmassy to me, but what do I know? It's certainly a gift to us all, at any rate.

But how will all this compare to the 'cow in a quilt'? Looks like we'll have to see for ourselves - you can say 'mooove' over to pigs in blankets and upgrade your dinner from Hungry Horses' seasonal menu for £1.99.

Words by Tom Court

Featured Image Credit: Hungry Horse

Topics: Food, UK News